TrackerControl and VPN service

Good morning!

Trying to get the most privacy out of my phone.

I installed TrackerControl from F-droid and it works tremendously! I can see the log of blocked trackers which is… quite awesome!

Problem: I can not use it along ANY VPN service. When I enable VPN - the Tracker Control disables, when I enable Tracker Control - VPN disables.
I know that Tracker Control uses VPN to filter the data in and out, so maybe using VPN along with it isnt necessary?

Help appreciated

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Android onyl allowing one VPN at a time. But if your outside VPN is using sockets5, like TOR is doing, you can use it with Tracker Control

See notes here TC Telegram group
@Manoj, why is it not allowed to posts links to a special telegram group ??

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You can run both if you install one in ‘Shelter’. I have a VPN for normal profile and TC in the work profile through Shelter.

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