Translation App "" crashes after first translation

Each time, I tried to translate a word in the, it crashes after the first translation. Do you have an idea, what could cause this issue?
My device: Fairphone 3, my OS: /e/ 0.14 Q dev.version.

Can confirm with 10.8.4 and /e/ 0.14-q-2021012698290-dev-FP3.

In fact, it seems not related to translation, the App just closes after a few moments once you do anything.

Aurora Store (alternative access to free-of-charge Google Play Store Apps) lists “” as GSF-dependent, which means it needs Google services, which means it could well fail on /e/. Unless somebody reports it working I’ll blame that.

Interestingly Aurora Store lists “” as GSF-independent, but this version of the App costs money.

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