Trying to install Dutch ING bank and ABN-AMRO Bank

I am considering to switch to e/OS but just found out my needed bank app from the Dutch ING bank and the Dutch ABN-AMRO bank are not available in the app store. Is there a possibility to to install these through a different route?
Thanks a lot!

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You can download Aurora Store from the Apps store, and then (from Aurora Store), install your bank apps.

Thank you very much Stanwood. It worked, how great! Aurorastore asks permission to media ect. I wanted to switch to e/os for privacy reasons. Will this still be guaranteed using aurora? Otherwise the whole idea is missed isn’t it?

Indeed, Aurora gives you access to the whole PlayStore library, without your own Google authentication.
It seems a (very) few apps do not work since they need a special Google signature, but from my side I never encountered any…

So no guarantee, but apps that do not work on /e/ remain quite rare…

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That sounds great. I understand you are happy with E/OS?
I had the e/OS installed by a IT specialist. I wonder if one can make a backup (like with an Iphone and Itunes). In other words, if for any reason the mobile needs a fresh install can I put back a backup? Otherwise I have to ask a specialist every time which is gonna be expensive.

Yes indeed, however, I’m on a beta R ROM (Android 11), and still some bugs. I’m waiting for an update that will stabilize these issues. (should arrive these days)
For example, I have to use an additional professional Gmail account, and can’t sync my contacts and calendar with /e/, (authentication issue) I hope a fix will be available soon.
For the rest, everything works pretty well and I have no complaints.

Thanks again for helping me out. But no possibility for a full backup I understand?

I did not yet try, but there’s a backup menu in settings. You will have to write a few words on a paper (as a password key), then backup your data on a sd card, external drive, cloud or whatever… (SD card is I guess the easiest option).

I suppose when you use the backup option in the settings menu it will restore the phone to android and not to e/OS. I will post a separate question on this forum. See what we can discover.