Trying to login into Email - Can't connect to server

Trying to log in to the email app on murenacloud since yesterday but I keep getting this message.

All other apps seem to work.
Perhaps related to this recent post, (although i do not know what Rainloop is :slight_smile: ?

I am on: Firefox 109.0.1 (64-bit) on macOS + turned off all kinds of tracking / blockers.
Thank you and please let me know if i can provide some more info or help somehow.

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RainLoop is the email webapp, included in Murena cloud.
Tested OK here, but you may be aware of:

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Ahh i didn’t know this status page exists - thank you. The message there sounds like the problems should not be happening all the time - it made me think if it is not something wrong with my browser.

So i tried to get into the email app but from another browser (Orion) - and indeed it worked from there !
So it seems that this is a problem due to some combination of Firefox + blockers.
I am bit confused because i disabled everything (Enhanced Tracking Protection on Firefox + disabled uBlock Origin completely so that everything is allowed). I was expecting this to be enough to let everything function as it should - sadly it seems it is not the case.

Thanks for the helpful comment - I will try to figure out why Firefox is having troubles and come back here if i find some solution. At least i can get to the email app from another browser.

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To be clear - the solution (for now and at least for me) is to use another browser :-\

For those running into this issue, are you noticing it mostly happening during certain hours? For me in the USA, it’s mostly occuring during the morning, PST. It seems to go away in the afternoon/evening, then starts acting up the next morning. I use Brave for my browser. I’ve noticed the same problem with MS Edge too.

@Manoj how close are we to a permanent fix for this?

The update I had was that the team is expected to release the fix for Rainloop this week.