Turning off Pictures and videos sync also disables Documents sync

Yesterday I received my Fairphone 3+ with /e/ OS preinstalled. After reading many topics on this forum and on doc.e.foundation to familiarize myself with everything (came from iOS) I still have trouble getting the Documents folder synced without Pictures and videos, just as described by @cedricoola a year ago:

My problem is exactly the same: I don’t want my photos & videos to sync, but as soon as you disable that option in Settings > Accounts > username@e.email > Account syc the Documents folder stops syncing too… Why?

I’ve been patient while testing as I figured out syncing could take a while (even though the files are less than 1MB) and noticed the Account Manager app (when opening the /e/ account settings) only handles the Contacts & calendars, so something else must be in charge of the Documents sync, right?

Edit: I thought I was being clever by adding a new WebDAV account using ecloud.global/remote.php/dav/files/username@e.email as provided under Settings at ecloud.global > Files, but /e/ OS seems to make use of the Account Manager app again, indicating it was going to sync contacts & calendars, which I quickly stopped and deleted again to prevent duplicates from appearing. Using the workaround as described by an user in the topic above (Files sync option from the Nextcloud app) doesn’t do anything to the Documents folder on the phone either… Unless you turn on the Pictures & videos sync option again, and voilá: Documents appear, but obviously the unwanted pictures too :frowning:

Considering I’m not the first one experiencing this curious limitation, is there nothing that can be done?

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@Edwin, the /e/ team is a small team, as they like to remind us every time that an issue is taking to long to fix. I like @GaelDuval’s views and focus but there is room for improvement in regards to operations. I used to be an /e/ user, actually an early adopter, with my Fairphone 2. Today I’m only an enthusiast.

Right, I understand, thanks for your comments.

I’m a Librem 5 early adopter but now it got delayed once again I decided
to ‘only’ be a Purism enthusiast, although I don’t think they share that
thought since I cancelled my over 3 year old pre-order to get a
fairphone instead…

Let’s hope /e/ continues to become more popular so they can afford to
expand and have a not-so-small-team then:)

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