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Hi People,

Since a week or so I got an email from Tutanota to update the Tutanota app, (installed earlier via App Lounge).
AppLounge did not notify me to update the Tutanota app, nor could I actively force it to see and install the update. Checkbox for Opensource app was on all the time.

Only when installing the F-droid app and after allowing F-droid to install unknown apps it would update. F-droid app also immediately prompted to update four other apps,…

Is this the normal way or should AppLounge be able to see the update and facilitate the update?



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The Tutanota version in the AppLounge is not the version on the PlayStore. I do not understand this différence (it’s may be only a matter of time ?). You will not have any upgrade notification until the same version remain in the AppLounge.
However, I give up and I have uninstalled Tutanota and then download the latest version of the apk directly from the official github of Tutanota (you can find the link in the website).
Of course, I now will have to check the updates, their will not be pushed automatically. I assume this solution.

What device are you using and what version of /e/OS?


I am using a Fairphone 4 from Murena on V1.8.1-s

For information, the version of Tutanota :

  • App Lounge : 3.108.6
  • PlayStore : 3.110.0

Yes and the version on F-Droid is V3.109.4

I just noticed I have the same problem with ProtonVPN, apparently there is a problem with updating apps offered in both the Play Store and F-droid.

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I mentioned this topic in this Gitlab Issue :