Two questions about the e/os/

Hello friends.

  1. Is the operating system compatible with any smart phone or just a selected few? Because i want to flash it on my old LG phone.

  2. Does the operating system support any Philippine carriers?

Thank you for your time.

Currently supported phones are given here … Smartphone Selector.
Further unofficial builds by community members can be found here … Topics tagged unofficial-builds.

I guess the OS shouldn’t have much of a problem.
Question is what your phone hardware is and whether it supports the requirements of carriers in the Philippines, so you need to compare the specs of the phone with the requirements of the desired carrier. Websites like can help with that.

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but the murena fairphone and murena teracube are not in willmyphonework, correct?

It seems the database there is indeed missing those, even the Fairphone 3/3+ aren’t listed. As I said … “can help” … the internet certainly has other resources, too :wink: .