Two-way calendar sync


I just migrated to /e/ and now I need a simple solution to have an additional calendar that does two-way-sync and can be accessed from a “regular” Android phone (Shared calendar with another person who uses stock Android).

At the moment we have a shared Google Account for this, which would be fine for me, except my phone does not sync new events to this calendar (In either direction).

The most obvious solution would be to get this working (how?), but I’m also willing to use a separate Murena account or a shared calendar on my primary account, cloud subscriptions in either direction or a completely different provider.

Does somebody have a working solution for this surprisingly difficult but probably not that rare problem?

having one common Google account to host the calendar for both is a good workaround - interesting it doesn’t work.

I think you outlined a solution: create two calendars each and subscribe to each others calendar. While this will make you miss out on “collision alert”, it’s guaranteed to work (but possibly with a delay, see link 2)

The trouble (as well with the solution as with the workaround) is that the phone does not sync calendar entries to ANY Google calendar.

I activated account manager debugging logs now and there it tells me that type gives exception HTTP 401 unauthorized, apparently for a request to

So it seems there is something wrong with calendar sync on a more fundamental level, but I have no idea what or how to fix it.

I don’t suppose there is any kind of official support that would look into the logs, or is there?