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I’m distrohopping and always returning to Ubuntu LTS. It’s not ideal, I’m not a fan of Linux and open source because of it’s disadvantages like constant forks, regressions and vulnerabilities, fragmentation, broken graphics system (i.e bad drivers, acceleration is not working) but it’s free and doesn’t force you to use some software (people who used Windows 10 know what I mean). For payed OS like Windows I think having serious bugs and ads in interface is inacceptable. That’s why I switched to Linux. For browser I chose Chromium because Firefox is slower, has bad UX and pretends to be “private” (which is not). But unfortunately Chromium-based browsers are known memory hogs. With Firefox I could open 2 windows with tons of tabs and it will take 3,9 GB with OS (I mean OS+browser with multiple tabs). Once I do this in Chromium I get lags, memory leaks and 6 GB consumed RAM. By the way there’s another thing I don’t like in Linux: memory management and performance issues. Once I try unpacking any archive (100-200 MB or especially 1 GB or more) my computer starts freezing and lagging. It can do the same when copying data between SSD and HDD or flash drive. Sorry for a lot of text but what should I do? P.S. I wrote about disadvantages of Linux not because I’m Linux hater and it doesn’t mean I have bad hardware. As ex CEO of Linux company Gael knows about Linux disadvantages better than me.

Sorry, but I don’t know what this have to do with eOS ???

Regarding Linux distro. I’m using PureOS and Debian and my systems are getting also very slow when extracting files or copying from hd to sd.
For me PureOS is the best for privacy and the include PureBrowser is also very secure and privacy oriented.

Sorry, I forgot to write that when I’m using back office for translators (WPML) my system starts lagging and freezing. I checked and that’s because it has a huge memory leak (1 GB and then keeps dropping to 120 MB). Is that only for me or for everyone? Maybe replace it with something better? Because WordPress is one of the most vulnerable software. And it can be enhanced. It would be better if it will send an email with a task only for the language translator chose. And after clicking the link and typing login and password it should open not back office but the text which should be translated.

Hi @blackpoint are you working as part of the translation team for the /e/ website?

Hi @Manoj. Yes, I do.

Sorry you think that way. Let me give my point of view.

Like most people, I started using computers with Windows. When I started to work on a company with Linux servers, one guy only used Linux on his working machine. I then started to use it in dual boot with Windows on my personal PC. Surprised, I realized I didn’t need Windows for anything; Linux could do all the job and it was faster.

I never had the money for great hardware so speed and stability was a huge point of concern. So, I kept using Linux and still am.

Constant forks, regressions and vulnerabilities? How is that working for you?

Forks? You don’t need to use any. Regressions? What does that mean, I did not understand this point?

Vulnerabilities? Every one that comes up, it’s quickly addressed and you only have to update your system. And for free; some folks are doing this for you and me and millions around the world.

Besides, how can we talk about vulnerabilities when Linux is the operational system in all super computers of the world? And governments around the globe use it, too. And Google and Facebook and Amazon and even Microsoft?

Unpacking makes your computer freezes? Mine, not. Linux issue? Don’t think so. Copying data from different types of hardware is indeed slower even more if they are on different buses.

When it comes about browsers, the more robust they are, the slower and more memory consumers they are. Try to use all those countless tabs in two or three different browsers to see if it helps (I do that and it works).

I use only Xubuntu based systems (it comes with XFCE GUI which is way lighter than Gnome or KDE).

For people who comes from Windows, the best option is Mint. All drivers work, it supports acceleration (if your MB does and it is activated), its GUI is clean and light an reassemble Windows style. It’s based on Ubuntu, yes, meaning that all security updates come from the same repository; you only need to configure the system to download and install them automatically.

Maybe you should try Mint and see if works better for you. Use it on live USB, you can install anything you want for testing purposes.

Hope you understand I’m not trying to create some flame war here. Just trying to help. :slight_smile:


@facb69 I give you libav and ffmpeg as an example and also mplayer, mplayer2 and mpv. Instead of one software we have multiple software. How can people understand which one should they use? And don’t forget it’s just a hobby project. What if these people stop developing these projects because they don’t have a time after their work anymore or if they were a bunch of schoolboys or students with a lot of free time then gained experience and found a job they are being payed for? Regarding regressions, sometimes some software works without problems and then new version released and it has a bug causing it to work unstable or slower than older version. It could be a kernel itself or Xorg or Mesa. And there’s a problem for software companies. Let’s say a company or a developer created some software. Which libraries, which distributions out of hundreds or even thousands should his project support? Maybe the developer is using Fedora and some guy wants to install it on his Super Cool OS (just a random name) and says he can’t do that or the software doesn’t work properly for some reason. What we have today? A lot of filesystems, 2 graphics servers (one is at least 30 years old and one is maybe 10 years old and is not supported widely), a lot of incompatible package managers and package formats, etc. Being developed for 25 years and still not ready for desktop use? What a joke. And here is another example (by the way it’s a real case). One guy bought VPS and installed Debian on it. Then he got an email that his server was turned of because of a bot attack going from his server. He checked and saw that one process is using 300% CPU. He reinstalled the OS and after a months this situation repeated. Then he removed Debian and installed BSD - no problems. Because I never worked as sysadmin I can’t understand why he had this problem. Why BSD doesn’t have such issue? By the way Debian is no go for me. When I tried it first time it had Gnome 3.8. It was so slow because Gnome was very heavy and Debian didn’t had a graphics driver for my graphics card. That time I was a complete newbie and had no idea it needs “non-free software”. Why should I even care if it’s free or non-free? And now they even have 2 installers - old and new one. One works slow when switching from one stage of installation to another one and second installer doesn’t support switching keyboard layout. If you chose cyrillic you will be unable to continue installation because you can’t switch layout to type latin letters for username and password. P.S. I wanted to paste a link to a blog post I found maybe in 2018. It’s about issues in Linux. The guy who created it is not biased and also wrote about issues in Android and Windows. Here it is: https://itvision.altervista.org/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html

I got you @blackpoint .
Indeed, Linux is not “ready” for desktops for general use and, IMHO, will never be.
Exactly because of the many flavors and distros and GUIs and all. I know this because of personal use/tests and for what I learned from others over the years.
This wide range of choice is good for few and that’s why I stuck with Ubuntu (not Debian). The idea behind Ubuntu is to be a out-of-the-box working OS for the masses.
The wide appeal of Ubuntu is what makes most of the FOSS software being ported to it. Imagine my difficulties when my boss want to run some service which needs a software that do not release a tar ball and I must use Slackware.
What I’ve first taught, reading your issue, was that you didn’t know much about the matter; sorry for that.
Since you do know how things work I won’t try to convince you of anything nor try to stand up for Ubuntu or Mint or Zorin (have you tried? I liked it a lot). But ultimately there’s a lot of distros trying to offer this out-of-the-box working OS. I keep testing all of them but, let’s face it, I won’t ever try to use chinese keyboard layout.
Maybe, because I am a SysAdmin and a long time Linux user, the points you mentioned don’t apply to me. I monitor more than 50 servers all day long (24x7) and if I see a process consuming too much of my CPU I would know what to do. But the average user don’t know that and, like you said, why he/she would even bother to know?
My wife uses a laptop with Ubuntu Mate 18.04 and I didn’t do anything on it except configure to automatically update. Since I cut off Windows of my machines at home, she never complained.
I read the article you posted. It’s all true but I don’t think it applies to the general use in a desktop. Even on Windows, when a non tech-savy user faces a problem he/she calls the tech guy.
We had several issues with printers in Windows, too; and still have. The problem in Windows is that you have to update some patch and, days later, Microsoft announces that it’s corrupted and shouldn’t be used. :slight_smile:
All I can say is that, since 2016, I never had any problems with drivers or multi-tasks or multi-threads in my laptops or servers. I run my own web server in a 2GB RAM, Intel Dual Core, 320GB storage laptop with 18.04 Xubuntu. And I used it for video calls!
Linux was never meant for desktops or to replace Windows and Mac. So, I think it’s about to find the best solution for each one.

PS: I liked what you posted, good points you raised.


@blackpoint I only use Ubuntu. Ubuntu having been around for a long time, is clearly not made by a group of people as a school project, or as a hobby of someone who will get bored.
I find Ubuntu more stable than Windows. And, if I’m wondering which of sever (anythings) to use, there is the internet!!! In my opinion, it’s always better to have more options than too few.

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