Unable to finish /e/ installation on Samsung Galaxy S8

Hello all!

I am trying to install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F), but I am stuck during the installation process (using easy-installer which is installed on a PC with Windows 10 Pro built 1809)

The first steps of the easy-installer work like a charm, the phone is recognized and marked as "compatible, then the correct files are downloaded and pass the checksum check. The problem occurs on the the INSTALLATION step (Bar 3 out of 8 on top of the screen).

  1. Phone must be restarted in recovery mode. The phone shows the “Downloading” screen, stating that is shall not be turned off:

However, after waiting a couple of minutes, I followed the easy-installer instructions and powered the device off (Per + bixby + vol down). The device turns off.

Then as per the instructions, I pressed per + bixby + vol up, but I land on the following screen:

Could you help me on how to proceed from here? (I can reboot the phone from that point, but it then loads the original factory-installed Android.

Note: I am a completely newby at Phone OS’s, and I have zero experience on custom ROM’s /rooting phones, and such. However, all the prerequisite steps described by easy-installer were meticulously followed.

Thanks very much!



Thanks for the hint, Piero! Indeed, I got further in the install process this time (/e/ is currently being installed as I write these lines).

Indeed, I wasn’t quick enough to get to the recovery mode.
Note for future users running into the same problem: You have to really press PWR + Bixby+Vol down and then IMMEDIATELY after, PWR + bixby + vol U to get to Teamwin. waiting even half a second is way to much. we’re talking about 0,1 to 0.3 seconds (approx).




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Hi Denis,

May I congratulate you on a well written account of a frequently reported event, and the alacrity required to deal with it.

At the point in Easy Installer you describe, the new user really needs to know the following, but instead, like you, is in the dark.

  • Your Samsung device has reported to us that TRRP was successfully installed.
    The key combination Volume down + Power on it’s own will cause your phone to reboot and the device will over-write TWRP back to original, preventing the install of /e/, without further warning.

  • Please now Force stop the phone (in the current “Download mode” never mind the message stating that is shall not be turned off!)
    Use Volume down + Power to force stop.
    Attend carefully, keep holding the buttons - it may take about 7 seconds,
    the instant the screen goes black (black as in off) and before the device starts to restart,
    instantly change the finger press to Volume up + Bixby + Power,
    be prepared for another 7 second hold without relaxing, TWRP will start.

Another user was stuck at this point for quite a long time and sent this video! https://ecloud.global/s/5CJLaY5Ycbc7e3B

Is there a way to make these things more clear in the instructional texts that the easy-installer is showing?
Any concrete suggestions?

How about an extra “page” in the Easy Installer UI, which is generated when the device returns the TWRP success response. This extra page might contain a warning triangle and message very similar to my wording above.

Secondly, also for non Easy Installer users, I had in mind a wiki page in the “HowTo” series, entitled

“Know your hardware - Samsung”

Thank you for your kind words, aibd!

@Ingo_FP_Angel + aibd: Indeed, there are 3 things I would suggest in order to improve the easy-installer:

  1. specify that the message stating that the device shall not be turned off during download mode must be ignored (maybe even including a screenshot)
  2. as aibd suggested, a dedicated page/section on the power off/power on sequence, underlying the fact that it these actions shall be accomplished very quickly one after the other. Also, it could be great to illustrate the case when the user was not fast enough and the device gets into the standard firmware’s recovery screen (like in my case), and include instruction on how to proceed from here (e.g. choosing “Reboot system now” and start over). I am pretty sure most unexperienced users would get sweaty if they get to that screen if this unexpected screen shows up
  3. from the easy-installer GUI, it would be convenient to have direct links to corresponding sections on the forum (easy installer already knows what device the user is trying to install /e/ on, so it should be feasible quite easily).

Of course, these are only suggestions!

Hi @Denis_O your suggestions are very useful and I have linked your “case” here Easy Installer - Documentation Suggestions.

I wonder if you feel like validating your “successful” SM-G950F + Easy Installer experience on this new page List of devices working with the Easy Installer.

You might consider it over intrusive asking you to validate the device with your username, but anyone thinking of using Easy Installer for that model, clicking on your name may find your post and see both the positive and negative of your experience. :smile:

Hi aidb,

You might consider it over intrusive asking you to validate the device with your username

Not at all! Please go ahead an do so! I’d me more than happy if it can help anyone!



Thank you @Denis_O. Would you like to do the honours? List of devices working with the Easy Installer
or else I will do it later from a PC thanks :smiley:

I am unable to edit the table, but I left a post in the comments as suggested by @Manoj

Hi there, I seem to be having the same issue with the ultra short time frame for moving from volume down to volume up. I now got it down to pretty much instantaneous, but to no avail. I do, however get the log in the photo below. Could there be some other issue as well (I mean apart from my slow fingers)

That log entry means that some text to be shown in the GUI is not properly translated (or maybe missing on purpose because it’s not used in this context anyway). It’s definitely not a reason why the install doesn’t work.

Ah! then it IS my slow fingers…jeez, its really a very minute margin we are talking about here… :laughing:

Please review all the items in this post, which was inspired by the thread from which you call.

Thank you!! Problem solved! /e/ installed! Hurrah!!

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Great, well done.

Was it fingers or something else?

No, it turned out the OEM unlock was missing, so I had to do the manual calendar set thing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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