Unable to Install /e/ on G4 Play but Lineage OS installed Fine

Hi, everyone. Not sure this is the right forum to ask this question - might be more of a “How To” question but thought I’d start here.
I recently made the attempt to load /e/ onto my wife’s G4 Play but /e/ refused to boot up. I installed Lineage OS and it booted just fine. At this point, I have a de-Googled Lineage OS phone and would like to gain access to her /e/ account. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do that via the Accounts settings. Do I need to install a different contacts app? What do I need to do?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

You’ll need Davx5 on Lineage to set up the Calendar/Addressbooks of Ecloud/Nexcloud.

But… the current Moto G4 Play install guide works (recovery → sideload) and should lead to a bootable phone. Which guide did you follow?

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I used the /e/ guide and sideloaded it. It replaced my TWRP recovery with an /e/ recovery but, as I said, it wouldn’t boot.
This isn’t my first rodeo. I successfully installed /e/ on my daughter’s G4 Play without issues.

did you give a userdata format a go when it won’t boot? any kind of system feedback after failed boot, like: just stuck, needs user action to reboot, or landing back in fastboot?

No, it just stayed on the “bouncing /e/” boot screen. I waited about 45 minutes before I gave up.

afaik when the boot animation is showing, it is already in an init stage that has adb logcat available. If it is as device that already trusted the tethered pc and outputs logcat it can be an easy fix. I’m aware you do not have that option… (but I think by mounting with twrp, setting some props and saving the public key of the tethered device it can be done retroactively)

Did you update/flash to latest stock nougat before using the /e/ images? are the harpias the same xt-variant?

If a userdata format doesn’t help I think you’d need to update the vendor blob partitions. There are scripts that copy over blobs from firmware partitions… maybe a file is missing

The phones are the same variant (xt1607).

I formatted the System, Data and Internal Storage partitions (and, of course, the caches) before installation. I always format the System partition before any installation or upgrade. Don’t like to do dirty upgrades.

I’ll have to consider what you are saying. I did try to access the device with ADB but was unsuccessful.

I was going to try and compile the source code against the phone and using that but my attempt to add the Bionic Docker repository to Linux Mint (19.1) has broken my update manager - I tried regressing to a previous state with TimeShift but it failed to restore the software repositories to their earlier state, so I’m going to have to perform the upgrade I was planning (to Mint 20.3 “Uma”) a little earlier than I was planning.

Is it necessary, for some reason, to keep the /e/ recovery on the phone after installation? It’s really much less useful than TWRP.

By the way, thanks for the DavX5 tip - she’s got her contacts now. :slight_smile:

glad the mint upgrade didn’t became a xkcd#349 shark situation.

Lineage booting fine contradicts my idea that reflashing to latest stock bsp partitions before applying /e/ could help.

twrp: /e/ recovery can apply the ota updates, but I think so does twrp. Up to you. Both can do the initial sideload. Did you sideload via e-recovery or twrp on the failing device? same procedure on both?

Did ADB sideload on TWRP.

when you flashed your daughter’s g4-play, was this earlier or from the same image? from which image version (timestamp) did you unsuccessfully flash?

I only have xt1602, but I can certainly try if the image you name poses an issue

It was the same (current) image, downloaded from /e/ and key-checked to make sure it downloaded properly.

Anyway, I’m too buried right now to continue working on this. Hopefully, I’ll have some time in the next month or two. At any rate, the wife is currently happy and that’s the important thing.

I will no longer be watching this post. My Moto G4 play phones have passed away :face_holding_back_tears: :sob: and my family had to get new phones from Motorola. I could never get /e/ to install on them and with the end of 3G here in the US, it was time to retire them. They were beginning to malfunction - SD memory normally lasts only 5 years and the fact that these phones had gone 6 years was pretty extraordinary.

Good by, Moto G5 Play. You will be missed.

ah too bad. You mistyped G5? the G4 Play harpias still have an LTE modem. It’s just the operators that block them based on… I don’t really know: not supporting specific bands? audio codec compatability? based on known manufacturers IMEIs or just user-agents?

When you can do LTE as data, using any VoIP provider is not too different from IMS aka VoLTE, it’s all just packets with some prioritization, tower handoff optimizations… all I want to say is, it feels a bit like a racket.

As you’re a linuxer… the harpias Snapdragon 410 has mainline kernel support, you can give Gnome Mobile on the device a go with the latet kernel :slight_smile: it’s just a bit fiddly when it comes down to the Wifi channel - Motorola Moto G4 Play (motorola-harpia) - postmarketOS