Unable to install telegram on Nexus 4

Excuse me, my English isn’t good.
I’m trying to install the app “telegram”.
the download works, but the installation does not work.
Can anyone help me?

I am assuming you are trying to download it from the App Installer. Pl can you try to download telegram from Aurora Store and see if it works. There is an issue with some apks on Apps Installer which prevent their installation mostly due to version not being the latest. The dev team is working on resolving the issue.

Better install telegram from f-droid. !!!

Thanks for the quick help!
I tried. I get a clear statement: “This app is not compatible with your phone”. :frowning:
I’m waiting for the bug to be fixed.

Please can you share /e/ build details on your device. Telegram should be working on all versions of the OS.

I try to make a screenshot

Telegram ran on the phone under Google-Android and under UBUNTU.

Need the /e/ ROM details. Plus is your SIM card working on this phone.

If a SIM card is necessary, we’ve solved the case. I don’t have a SIM card in the device yet, because I’m currently in the trial phase. I will test it tonight. Thank you!

if you have telegram on another phone running, no SIM needed.

thx for screen shot, but he most needed info is not shown. on top of screen, the e version is shown. Something like v7-n-2019xxxxxxxx

The version is: 0.7-2019092524859.
I tried SIM, same mistake.

There are a lot different telegram apps on aurora and f-droid. Could you pls try all of them ?

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hello harvey186, hello Manoj thanks for pointing that out.
The Telegram X LLC app has been a success. So all conditions are given for me to keep the system. I will present it at the next meeting at the Internetverein. Unfortunately my main phone is not in the list yet. I will remain active here in any case.
Many thanks first of all!

Nice to hear. Enjoy e :+1: