Unable to run the apps Gov.gr Wallet and Covid Free GR

I come from Greece. I have a SM-G900F (klte) and I run 1.4-r-20220923220394-dev-klte.
My problem is that I can not run the apps Gov.gr Wallet and Covid Free which are very useful in Greece.
I install both of them from App Lounge. When I try to run the first app it shows its blue screen for 1 - 2 seconds and then it returns to the main screen of my fone. When I try to run the second app I get the message that my fone is not safe and the procedure stops.
Is there any idea how to run these apps?

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Did you install “Exposure Notifications” from migroG Settings ?

Hi smu44,
thank you for your answer.
I installed microg EN as you told me to but nothing changed and I can not run both apps.

both apps check for

V RootBeer: b: c() [118] - ro.debuggable = [1] detected!

and bail out after, though not sure that’s the only cause.

You’d need a non-userdebug build to conform to rootbeers requirements to not trip up. Rootbeer is the software dependencies most developers integrate to conform to a checklist by auditors. I think none of the /e/ or lineage builds are non-userdebug. There are hacks to hide it, see for example this post in a long thread

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And I think that the dev builds are userdebug (so that rooted debugging is available) but stable builds are not (so no rooted debugging). I may be wrong about this, but it’s worth double checking

true, there are threads on it - MicroG: SafetyNet certification warning: CTS profile does not match (#5047) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab) - but for @cchatzim_e.email “klte” there is no stable build.

I don’t know the criteria - must be mainly resources. Doing user builds instead of userdebug is discussed every now and then. I prefer to debug and get root ofc, but most others prefer running Apps.

@cchatzim_e.email - I’d go the magisk route and hide the prefs to the lazy rootbeer evaluation