Unable to use /e/os supported devices on the Easy Installer

So i noticed that the Easy Installer does not have a build for my device (SM_G900T / KLTE) however i can download a build that works without issue, fully functioning.

I saw these


and the first thing that came to mind to fix this issue. is to have all the builds linked via a json file in this sort of format

    "stable" : [
        "device" {
            "download" : "https://images.ecloud.global/stable/device.zip",
            "sha256sum" : "sha256sum",
            "md5" : "md5"
    "unstable" : [
        "SM_G900T" {
            "download" : "https://images.ecloud.global/dev/klte/e-0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-klte.zip",
            "sha256sum" : "e04dc16292ed84d83ad2a733de212b16385f4417631985501b81b761d8af2acd  e-0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-klte.zip",
            "md5" : "0eb6968905f6e3000e22378a635dfab1  e-0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-klte.zip"

and have the installer fetch that json at launch, and grant the user the ability to choose whether to include unstable builds

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Hi @merith.tk pl can you raise this as a issue on Gitlab that way I can ask the developer behind it to have a look at it and implement or get back to you with a response.

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Sure, I mean my idea would be great, and would be willing to contribute code if i knew the lang (only know basic BASH and moderate GO)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE International (klte) G900T is officially supported by /e/ OS. For this purpose the so called “dev” build e-0.11-p- can be downloaded.

Stable” builds are currently only available on the so-called premium /e/ smartphones.

Accordingly, the /e/asy installer should not offer a download option for a ‘klte stable’ build, right?!

You made absoultely no sense with that at all.

And i never stated specifying a stable build for the klte device, at all
So these should be availiable to download and install with the EasyInstaller with a disclaimer that these are not 100% stable builds and can have issues

That isnt gitlab, that is a self hosted instance, the correct terminology should be /e/'s Gitlab or their gitlab instance

Sorry for being nitpicky, it annoys me when people dont use terminology that makes it clear its not what it initially is