Unable to using myinfocert app


I’ve a little problem with the MyInfoCert app in the AppStore. I followed the procedure to sign up with SPID credentials in Italy. SPID is the electronic identity system with which to access to public registry and similar services.

After registering with Infocert, I am asked to log in with my credentials via the app. The app is regularly on the App store and is Myinfocert. I have installed it, but the App cannot be run due to a security issue, as it does not allow me to run it on rooted devices. How can I do?

I find it a little strange that on the /e/ Appstore there is an app that can not be run… on a rooted device.

Thank you.

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Its normal also for bank apps which dont allow root. Instal Magisk and activate Magisk Hide for that apps and apps dont recognize that you have root…

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Very thanks for you reply.

I’ve installed Magisk, but If I try to install packages’app, the update for the apps fail (com.topjohnwu.magisk package), even though I allow permissions. Why this?

Im not sure… did you install magisk correctly? I think you have to unroot your phone and then root with magisk.

Magisk apk direct download : Release Magisk v23.0 · topjohnwu/Magisk · GitHub

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Done. Thank you.
But… I don’t understand how can I activate Magisk Hide for Myinfocert app. I apologize, but I can’t find a way… :thinking:

It’s been a while I used Magisk, but a far as I remember you’ll have to patch your boot image, please see here : Installation | Magisk

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Thank you again. Unfortunately, I’ve got a Samsung, so the process seem to be very hard to finalize, for me at least… :slightly_frowning_face:

In magisk setting turn on Magisk Hide, then click on the shield at the bottom in magisk app there are apps which you allow root and at the top is magisk hide where you choose apps for hide…

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I attach 3 screenshot of my Magisk app. I can’t find Magisk Vide and I tale off an error…

I assume you don’t know very well what root permissions are. I imagine you haven’t modded your phone. Where did you buy it? You have probably been scammed or anyway someone made some modifications to the operative system without you knowing it.

Hi, I’ve bought a Fairphone 3 and I have the same problem. I’m not experience with smartphone I ask your help to install Magisk. I read the install chapter on GitHub but I don’t know if I have to use root.img or recovery.img. The app say:
· Installed N/D
· Ramdisk Yes
· A/B Yes
· SAR Yes
When I check “SafetyNet” the app ask me if I want to download an extension with proprietary code… Why?
What I have to do? In particular I have to install Magisk and App simply or I have to do sompething with adb?
Thank you.

Sorry no knowledge about FP3 here :frowning:
As it is listed as A/B device, better take advice from FP3 users (there are plenty here).
Some links : Search results for 'magisk fp3' - /e/ community

Thank you very much!

Hi, I installed Magisk and it’s mod MagiskHide Props Config but the SafetyNet check return “Attestation failed!”
· basicIntegrity (-)
· ctsProfile (-)
·evalType “BASIC”
In "Superuser (Shied icon) I cannot see any app (no app has asked for superuser permission yet).
So, what I have to do to run MyInfocert app? I don’t understand… It’s possible that Magisk it’s not the solution?