Understanding Nextcloud

I have an e phone but I did not setup an e account with it as I was wanting to keep things simple and I wasn’t understanding well where exactly data is stored, who can access it, didn’t want a new email address, etc.

I am looking into Nextcloud for taking care of my cloud needs. The main thing I want to do is to be able to sync photos, documents and calendar privately to a cloud provider.

It seems like I can simply use the Nextcloud app for this if I download it on my e/ phone, is that correct?

I am a bit confused as reading through threads here it seems like e/ runs on Nextcloud, and I am wondering if there are going to be conflicts or something similar.

Is there a master guide to Nextcloud in terms of e/? I’d also like to understand better how e/ integrates Nextcloud already to see if this is in fact a better solution


PS for now I have signed up with a Nextcloud cloud provider https://nd.nl.tab.digital to play with the interface

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Our servers are located in Germany and Finland, hosted by Hetzner Datacenters.

The information is available in settings > privacy of each /e/ account:
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Access to our servers is granted to a selected number of sys admins for maintenance operations.

You data is encrypted on the drive, but technically speaking, an admin could access to it, as it’s decrypted at some point to let you use it.

This doesn’t give anyone the right to access or use your data, and we don’t have any feature that is reading or using your personal data for any purpose. Your data is YOUR data and it’s our mission actually.

On the long run we want to offer End to End encryption so that only the user can decrypt the data stored on our servers, but it’s an extremely complex feature to implement and, for instance, would make impossible a password reset as we know it.

We also provide all our server infrastructure setup for download, so that users who want it can install it and self-host:

Yes you can perfectly do that.

If you use the Nextcloud app, it’s a no for sure because it won’t use the account manager built-in with /e/OS so no conflict.

Not really. You could take a look at those HOWTOs though.


@Aloha109 just to be sure…

All the functions to communicate and sync with you /e/ cloud account are already built in the /e/ OS. No need to install Nextcloud app on your /e/ phone.

you can install Nextcloud on your laptop or PC, and link to your /e/ cloud account. that is an easy way to see what is going on in your /e/ cloud account, and even manage/share files on /e/ cloud and /e/ mobile.

in your Nextcloud account is a manual (pdf) with documentation.

you can log into your nextcloud account with any web brower. the interface is more or less self explaining if you have some experience with this kind of environments.


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Hi @Aloha109, I signed up for an e.email account at first, but like you I wanted to keep things simple so very soon after deleted the account on the phone but kept the main account.

Since then I have tried it again a few times but not using it at the moment. I just logged in again on the pc to have a quick look. What I do like is that you can easily choose to use it or not, it’s up to you; eOS has it all set up ready and waiting so you can try it for a while with no strings attached!

The point you bring up about security/privacy has to be asked of any provider of this kind of service doesn’t it? e seems to be open about who has access etc so one can do a bit of research and decide who to trust. I have decided to trust e. :grinning:

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@Aloha109 An important point is also that linking your device to the /e/ nextcloud gives you an automatic backup of all your contacts.
I used the the web interface to the /e/ nextcloud to import all my contacts from the previous stock android phone. I exported all my contacts from my google account on the web interface to to it (before deleting my Google account).

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