Unknown crash (not regular, no known cause)

I think this might have been happening for me for a while but this is the first time i have seen it happen and can be sure i didnt accidentally just hold down the power button in my pocket and restart my phone.

Was just browsing the internet when all of a sudden the screen went black and the phone booted up again. Like i said not sure if this has been happening for a while or if its only since the update to v1.0.

Running v1.0 on oneplus 5t ‘dumpling’.

Not sure how to find device logs that would say what happened or how to reproduce the issue. It is an old phone so could just be a me problem. Will edit this post to include logs after i search how to do it or if someone points me in the right direction. (I have adhd and needed to post before i get distracted and forget)

browser history will probably make you remember the website you visited at the time of crash. My guess is on decoding media (video/audio/image) for causing the crash. What browser-app did you use at the time?

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My apologies for taking so much time to reply. I saw your reply when it was posted and I think you are right. It seemed to be a problem any time I received MMS messages so I just asked friends to stop sending them and deal with it. Recently it has become more of a problem and compounding with a separate issue I have of not being able to access any Microsoft account services at all. I am going to try a fresh flash of e/OS as a remedy but if the issues persist I will actually try to find some logs and find the source of the issue.

reproduction is key. If you can provoke it, you can debug it

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Some older devices seemed to suffer from out of memory issues when v1.0 was first introduced. I felt Advanced privacy was the culprit Advanced Privacy.

However I see from Install /e/OS on a OnePlus 5T - “dumpling” that you should have a range of /e/ images to choose from now.