Unlikely to ever get e/OS on newer devices?

With the latest flagship phones being fitted with Snapdragon cpu worldwide, is that the end of e/OS on new Samsung flagships?

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Since Snapdragon SoCs tended to be rather beneficial for Custom ROM efforts in the past when compared to e.g. MediaTek ones, what’s the reasoning behind this? Did something change? A source or explanation would help.

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Samsung S8,S9,S10 the only models that run e/OS are those with Exynos chips not the Snapdragon versions.

Because Exynos variants for those models can be bootloader unlocked while SD variants (with some exceptions) can’t. With SD being used worldwide this won’t change much, some markets will ship with unlockable bootloaders, some will be locked down for good. Then there’s Samsung’s VoLTE implementation which has yet to be reverse engineered and might prevent from shipping not only /e/, but any custom ROM at all.

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