Unofficial Build for mido

Encryption is not set by default in /e/. But maybe it comes from device specific configuration.

It seems that it comes with LOS15 on some devices, because in Telegram group I have learned from another user, that is data partition is also encrypted.

And also the issue with missing modem.bin was reported by another unofficial user build.

Thanks for pointing for the Unofficial 0.9 Pie /e/.

Sorry but i created new topic but still i think as you helped me in past, I may have some solution from you.

I ve just install Unofficial 0.9 Pie /e/.

Before this i used LOS with Microg (version 16). I m very positive about /e/ but i think at least some features should be there. It is good to go but i face some problems like:

1 I use finance apk BHIM (installed via Aurora). i cant verify phone number. (phone number verification fails). It is must as I need it everytime.

  1. I cant register my fingerprint. it is must for security reason.

  2. At least there should be icon GRID option so that i can dump more apks icons on one page and i don’t have to swipe pages.

  3. Icon without name Option should be there.

  4. Ability to uninstall unnecessary apks.

I think first two problems are grave. if it get done, I don’t have any reason to go back to LOS.


Ok, let’s see if I can help; )

To 1: banking apps are a pain. Some are working out of the box, some will need my hack with Magisk and some won’t never work. I fear for the verification the goolag services are needed. It’s like inbuilt qr code verification, it’s also not working because of missing goolag services.

To 2: fingerprint is not implemented, because of missing hardware driver. I do have 3 Xiaomi devices with pie or q and nowhere fingerprint is working. I’s because of copyrights

To 3 and rest:
Bliss launcher needs a lot if enhancemets. I don’t use it. I’n using TotalLauncher from Aurora. It has such a lot features, yoy can’t use then all :wink:

Ok Thanks again.
Dear Harvey, its ok other problems can be solved by installing a new Launcher.

Please help me for the first Problem: Banking apk problem (BHIM) apk.

Then if possible second issue.

Then i m going to be here on /e/.

The only thing you can try this (if you don’t have til now)

But as I have written before, I fear your app won’t never work. Sorry.

No way to use your bank on other way? Via web browser and external pin generator?

For me fingerprint is working on mido as well as poco f1 and all the other phones :face_with_monocle:

Ok Dear Harvey, I ll check if not i ll have to go back to Lineage and then be waiting for proper version of /e/.


It works with lineageOS with MicroG??

Or with gapps installed?

Yes it works with LOS with microG. NO gapps installed.

This BHIM apk is no Banking apk but it transfer money from account to account. It is Indian Governments apk. It is like Paytm but Paytm is wallet this BHIM is not wallet it transfer money directly.

My bad luck dear. :frowning:

Ok, than it should also work in eOS.
So, I think you should create in issue in gitlab with information that it works on LOS

Sometimes with mido there is some faulties with the fingerprint sensor after flashing custom roms, somewhere is a fingerprint reset zip file that may work, as the name suggests, to reset the fingerprintsensor…

So any solution ? with stock rom it was ok. with LOS just one finger can be entered. With /e/ all gone.

Is that can be a cause that i ve change so many custom ROM and there might be some change in Vendor image or something like that.??

If that is so show me the way to re install MIUI and then come back to /e/.

I m not technical expert. Sorry.

can you please guide me how to present the issue at the gitlab ?
any link ?

I m learning.

there is a good docu here

I placed the issue to Gitlab.

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Dear Harvey, I ve installed Lawnchair and life is going.

Only things remained are

  1. Finance apk should be working.
  2. Fingerprint
  3. Uninstallation of some pre installed apk.


For your fingerprint problem, please download this file and flash it in twrp :slight_smile: