[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Oneplus 5 (cheeseburger) /e/ 0.7 unofficial now available (Bonus: receives OTA updates)

This is superseded by the Pie beta builds meanwhile, see this post: [discontinued] [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the OnePlus 5 - "cheeseburger"

Hi folks,

for anyone interessted in running /e/ 0.7 on cheesburger here is an unofficial build that receives OTAs on a daily basis:

EDIT: This is the Pie beta! Use with caution

(works pretty good for me but no guarantees or whatsoever - use at your own risk)

WARNING: There are some quirks in the installation process depending on from “where” (as in which ROM in which version you are coming).

See those issues:


If you are coming from OxygenOS Nougat, LOS 14.1, or e 0.1 first manage the upgrade to Latest Oreo OxygenOS (with Treble support) - find ZIP here https://www.oneplus.com/de/support/softwareupgrade/details?code=5)
WARNING: Have a good data backup available - this upgrade is a pain. When you run Oxy Nougat you can’t go to latest directly but need to start with 5.0.1, then latest 5.0.x and then latest 5.1.x
HINT: blu_spark TWRP for cheesburger in a pre-treble version helps to flash from 5.0.1 onwards up until to the point where treble is enabled then use latest TWRP (blu_spark has no issues with unlocked bootloader)

If you com from latest Oxy Oreo / LOS 15.1 there should be no issues


Awesome work dude! Can’t wait for this to officially go 0.2 but good job in the meantime!!

Hi Thilo, thanks for this update, great job indeed! That’s great news! I’m a OnePlus 5 owner and have been waiting for this for a long time!
I might come back to you with questions, i’m on Oxy Oreo 5.1.7 which means that Treble should be enabled.

Hi @thilo , as said, i’m on Oxy Oreo 5.1.7 and would like to install the /e/ 0.2. As far as instructions are concerned, shall i follow the same steps as the ones on gitlab for this device? Thanks for your input

Great to hear you like it. Yes, in this case it is easy. Just follow the official instructions but flash the 0.2 instead of 0.1 :wink:

Keep in mind to have a good backup of your files before you unlock the bootloader (if you haven’t yet) as it wipes your device.