[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] OnePlus Nord (Avicii) eOS 0.17 Q

Since OnePlus Nord (avicii) has official LineageOS support, i have easily built an unofficial eOS 0.14.2 Q (Android 10) build (by following official “How to build the /e/ ROM”)


Stable ? Haven’t tested 100%, but for now everything seems working well.
Bugs ?

  1. In camera app, when you switch the camera lenses, with camera+ icon, lenses ID:0 2 3 7 are OK, but lenses ID:4 and 6 show an error, and may crash the app. Just terminate the app, and it will restart with main lens ID:0.
  2. OTA updates not working for the moment

How to install ?
When it says to flash lineage…zip, put e-0.14…zip instead.

Let’s hope official e support will come soon. Kiss to /e/ team.


Please add in headline the version you have build so that it is seen on ‘first view’. thx

It’s corrected, thanks.


  1. Cellphone data (3G, 4G,…) autoconfiguration doesn’t seem to work, at least with my carrier. You may need to manually configure the data APN.
  2. Some banking apps detect it as a rooted ROM and won’t work. I don’t know why, but in MicroG settings, Google SafetyNet is enabled, and can’t be disabled. On my other OnePlus 6 with same but official eOS and same MicroG version, it’s disabled, and those few banking apps work.
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The link to install page isn’t valid: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/avicii/install

Were you flashing from OxygenOS or from an other Rom?
My Nord is actually running a Custom /e/ GSI and I wonder if it change something for the install…

Which recovery have you used?

Just go to wiki.lineageos.org > devices > avicii

I installed eOS starting from OxygenOS 10.5.10,
and i used Lineage recovery.

Thanks a lot for your effort and building this version!

The installation went smooth for me. It’s not my first time installing a custom ROM, but I never flashed an A/B device before. I followed the steps described in the LineageOS wiki and everything went just fine.

I’m just about one hour in but everything looks good (minus the already mentioned state of OpenCamera).
After inserting my SIM everything was working immediately. Calls, Text, Mobile Data.

I hope the OnePlus Nord becomes an official /e/ device.
I haven’t spent much time with OxygenOS, after buying it I basically just went through the setup to unlock the bootloader and enable USB Debugging, but I noticed 10 (!) pre-installed Google apps and other bloat. Would’ve been a waste to leave the stock OS on an otherwise very reasonable device.

Hi, new build available with latest e-OS 0.15 (Q) along with latest Lineage release.

There’s still the issue with the camera app when switching lenses.
Some apps detect it as rooted device.
Some other minor bugs may appear.


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I switched to Wichaya GCam anyways, which works fine.

New build with latest eOS 0.16.2.

Same little bugs still present as previously.


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Nice will try to install it!

It is working for me! Great job! hopefully an official version of the os comes out for the nord soon

New build eOS 0.17.1 (Q)

Includes a newer version of microG
Same little bugs still present, but not an issue. I use it for everyday use since months.

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