[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for Mi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)

no sorry, we are all waiting for edrive access.

Hello and thanks for this ROM !
Everything’s fine for me except the camera app that still crash when I use it in HDR, DRO or panoramic mode …
Do you know how I can fix this ?

Have you tried with Open Camera ?
To check if this is an issue with Open Camera or with /e/ fork of this app


You have to use this kernel https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-7/development/10-predator-kernel-fast-battery-t4028105

I installed kernel but stock camera app still crash, open camera works fine thanks !

There are several issues with the built-in Camera app, so it might not be due to this ROM :

FYI the roomservice.xml you provided has some errors :

By the way, why don’t you use the most updated vendor ?

For me, it was a one time build. But for others, it could be interesting

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Ok, been waiting for something like this. Despite the minor issues with the unofficial build, i’m gonna give it a go today and see what happens. Thank you! And is a newer build coming soon?

I’m not planning a new build. Could be that @marcoscodas will build a new one

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I dunno, I may try my hand at it. My biggest issue is downloading the build source etc… on a slow connection.

Do it over night; )

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yea… i’ll work on that tonight before bed. cheers!

How to properly install this to avoid some problems?? I would appreciate your help :slight_smile:

what kind of problems are you presenting?

I could help you I already did the installation last month to see the advance of the rom

I dont know how to install

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Warning this is what i did. Im not responsable for bricked devices or lost data. Im just an user. Not a professional. Made it under your own risk
I dont know if this is the correct way. But its just what i did (im sorry if mi inglish is not good).
(Use Orange fox. TWRP do not install the zip file)
1.- make a backup (I recomend do it in a external sd)
2.- wipe dalvik, cache, data and system.
3.- install the zip file
4.- wipe caches again (after the instalation you will see a button in the down-left corner of your screen)
5.-reboot system and enjoy it :wink:
Note: if your phone dont start system and just start recovery over and over. Just format data partiton and restart system.

I cant download the file is removed, can anyone provide an alternative link for it?

Thanks a lot for this build :+1:
I’m in :heart: with /e/ :relaxed:
The last works well on my M1901F7G, I just have a display problem which forces me to switch from normal mode to dark mode to be able to see the texts.
Below are the screenshots.
Same problem with :

  • foudation.e.calendar.debug V1.0.21
  • com.android.contacts V1.7.31
  • foundation.e.notes V1.0.1
  • and maybe other.

Without dark mode :arrow_down: | With dark mode :arrow_down: