[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (suzuran)

Here is a new, untested build. Use at your own risk, and have fun :slight_smile:
ROM https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261815547
Lineage device information and installation instructions https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/suzuran

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Here is another new, untested build. I haven’t even been able to run it as my device died yesterday and I’m waiting on delivery of a replacement. So use at your own risk.
ROM e-0.9-n-20200602-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip

And another up-to-date build e-0.9-n-20200716-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip
As ever, untested. Use at your own risk

Added Fri 14 August 2020
Here’s a new unofficial, untested build containing the changes for v0.10-nougat. Use at your own risk

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I have ‘dirty flashed’ this ROM onto my Z5C, on top of the previous unofficial build (e-0.9-n-20200716-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip) and it seems to be working OK

Hey petefoth,

same here: I just dirtyflashed on e-0.9-n-20200716-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip and everything (on the first look) works fine. well done!

Sunny Bearcliff

Here’s a new build. It’s unofficial. There is no v0.12-nougat tag in gitlab yet, so this based on v0.11-nougat which is over one month old. Details of the bugs fixed in the build are in gitlab. I hope to do a more up-to-date build when the v0.12 tag becomes available.

I have dirty-flashed this build on top of the previous unofficial build (e-0.10-n-20200814-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip) and everything I have tried seems to work. Apart from that it’s untested, so use at your own risk (and enjoy :wink: )

And another, based on the v0.12-nougat tag which appeared yesterday :slight_smile: It runs on my device but apart from that, is untested. As always, use at your own risk


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Hey @petefoth,

I just updated my phone with your e-0.11 build. Will test it out all this week.
Where would be an appropiate place to start tracking what is working and what is not for each build, as asked by @withane:

Thanks for all the builds!

It would be great to have a document to track what is and is not working in each build for a particular device. However creating and maintaining such a document would

  1. be pretty much a full time job
  2. duplicate information stored and maintained in other places (such as the gitlab issue tracker)

I know that over in the XDA Forums, ROM developers and maintainers have either a list of what is and is not working (as in the first post in this thread) or, for more mature ROMs (where most things are presumed to be working), a ‘Known Issues’ list and a (Change Log’ (as in the first and second posts in this thread). Even that will require a considerable effort to maintain and, realistically, isn’t ever going to happen for /e/ on a ‘per-device’ basis. Of course if someone had the time to volunteer to maintain such a list for a specific device, that would be great :wink:

The easiest way to get a picture of the status for a particular device, is to

  1. look at the release notes for the relevant Release number or tag for the source (so for this release the v0.12-nougat release or tag
  2. look at the open issues list, maybe filtering for your specific device (though that probably won’t help a great deal for unofficial builds / devices that are not officially supported)
  3. Search in these forums for recent posts mentioning your device. Especially the comments to the 'UNOFFICIAL BUILD] thread which may highlight any problems.

I make builds when I have some spare time, and when there have been some changes worth picking up since my previous build. But I don’t ever get round to flashing and running most of the builds I make. The exception is builds for the Z5 Compact, which was my ‘daily driver’ and is now my backup phone. I will usually at least flash the build - usually a dirty flash so that I don’t lose my apps and data - and check that the phone at least powers up. I really don’t have the time - nor the interest if I’m honest - to spend on testing my builds and documenting the results. I spent much of my working life doing stuff like that, and now I’m too busy enjoying my retirement :slight_smile:

At present I’m not even running /e/ on my daily driver (Xperia XZ1 Compact) since there is no up-to-date working build for that device, and I am not currently able to build one.

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I’m using this release (e-0.11-n-20201001-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip) in my backup phone which doesn’t get used very often. I was using it today, and I noticed that when I make or receive a call, the screen goes blank, and becomes unresponsive, until the other party ends the call. I’ve tried using the default Dialer app and Simple Dialer, with the same response.

I’m not sure whether this is a problem with the /e/ software, or with my device. Can I ask anyone else using this build (or any others) whether they are encountering any problems?

Thanks in anticipation


Tried dirty flashing previous release e-0.11-n-20200930-UNOFFICIAL-suzuran.zip (v0.11-nougat) - same problem
Factory reset - screen doesn’t blank until the call is connected, but still the same when it does :frowning:

So it looks like it’s my hardware, but I would still be grateful if any users of this build (or earlier) can tell me whether incoming and outgoing calls work for you.

A new up-to-date unofficial Q-build for Sony Experia S5 Compact (suzuran)

Many thnx to @petefoth who was willing to test this build.
So this build is tested, but as always, make a backup and enjoy.
Please share your experience.

Here’s a slightly more recent unofficial Q build. Probably not much difference in functionality from @itsclarence’s build. Built from the v0.12-q tag / release
I have fired it up and it seems to work but, as always, use at your own risk

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Here’s av version 0.13 Q build. I’ve dirty flashed it on my device, and everything seems to work but, as always, use at your own risk.

Note that the version of microG installed does not include the Exposure Notifications API

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Update Tue 8 December 2020

Here’s another one - this time built from the official v0.13-q tag

I haven’t flashed this one yet, but it should be at least as good as the last one :slight_smile: It’s still at your own risk though!

Here’s a new build based on the v1-q branch. I have successfully flashed it and it seem to run OK, but it is essentially untested. As always, use at your own risk

Old link removed

Note that the version of microG installed does not include the Exposure Notifications API. The Exposure Notifications API can be installed from ‘Apps’, as described in this post

Thank you @petefoth for the build!
I just installed the build e-0.13-q-20201208 on my phone and it is refreshing. It was actually my first attempt to install a custom firmware.
Hopefully it will work so well that it can become my main phone in a few weeks when I need to return my company phone!
Once again, thank you and all other contributors for your effort!

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
I’m working on a v0.14-q build but currently having problems building. I hope it will be along shortly

And here it is: a new unofficial build based on the recent v0.14-q tag

I’ve flashed it, and fired it up: everything seems to work, though I haven’t tested making and receiving calls as the device I have for testing is a bit broken :frowning:

Dirty flash should work, but I recommend backing up your data partition just in case

Have fun, but at your own risk, as always


I upgraded my phone to 0.14-q the other day. It seems to work. Thank you!

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I was so happy to find out, that I could possibly get my sister’s old phone to work.

0.14-q does not work for me.
The phone app crashes, but the call goes out anyway, so I can’t hang up.
I get a pop-up (of the crash) that comes up again and again, even if I dismiss it.
I can only close the popup without it appearing again, if the other person hangs up.

0.13-q seems to work, but:
If the phone is off, I plug in the charger, the battery charging indicator stays red.
I mean, the end of the charge cycle is not shown or heard, only if I push the power button can I see how it is doing.
After fully charging it, when the phone is turned on, I get the green light, while charging.

Something wasn’t quite right with USB file transfer, but it works now with debian 10.
(It wouldn’t connect or the file manager was giving me errors. Just rebooted my PC and it’s fine now.)

This is a known bug: issue #2391 affecting several devices, including this one. The easy workaround is to install ‘Simple Phone’ dialer app from f_Droid, and set is at the default phone app.

I hope the issue gets fixed soon, but I find the phone works fine with ‘Simple Phone’ installed