Unreadable screen in Contacts & Files default apks

I’m using e-0.17-p-20210624121450-dev-mido on Redmi Note 4 (mido).
When I use /e/ default Contacts and Files applications, it it very unreadable.
Can anyone has the same issue? Is it due to some improper settings?

Thank in advance

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Deselection of the Dark Theme in Settings > Display might solve the issue. But you end with the Light Theme :thinking: .


Yes you are right.
But it should not be in that way.
There may be a bug or something.

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Yes this is a known bug and the devs are fixing it. The fix should come in the next update in a few weeks/months.

You can see the progress on this here.

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Got it.
So far using Simple contact and Simple file manager.