I cannot update. If I try to install the downloaded update, a message keep popping up saying that instalator(actualizador in Spanish) is not working. I have been trying for over a week now wvery single day

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Please can you tell us device and version.

Settings > About phone > Android version > /e/ version

Long press on /e/ version is copy to clipboard.


Fairphone 4, Android 11
e/ OS already installed
Bought recently, in May por.June
Ángel M Hernández

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Si se trata de un teléfono comprado directamente a Murena, un correo electrónico a helpdesk@e.email podría ser una buena idea. Asegúrese de dar la información sobre su actual /e/ versión y la que está tratando de actualizar.

If this was a phone bought direct from Murena an email to helpdesk@e.email might be a good idea. Be sure to give the information about your current /e/ version and the one to which you are trying to upgrade.

It has already sort itsrelf out. Thanks a lot!

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