Updates beyond 1.4-r for Google Nexus 7 repartitioned (flox)?

I’ve managed to install e/OS/ on a Google Nexus 7 repartitioned (flox), and got a few updates installed, until 1.4-r, which its running at the moment. But it cannot seem to notice any new releases, whereas I have updates on other phones, running e/OS/.

Would there be an issue with the update process, or some discontinued support ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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It seems that /e/ image ROM download contains only up to 1.4-r, indeed. Bug or feature ?

wild guess - probably a build failure due to partition size. It’s still in the device list for builds in the v1-r branch: .gitlab-ci.yml · v1-r · e / os / releases · GitLab

build logs aren’t public, so to diagnose you’d need to build yourself.

I have a repartitioned flox, next time I’m building R I can add it

Any updates by any chance ?