Updating apps in App Lounge - 'later' error

After installing OTA 0.23, I now receive a pop up error when trying to update an app -

‘This app will be available later!’

I am using the anonymous option for the App Lounge. I have no idea what the error means, but I do recall getting ‘try again later’ errors in the past when using Aurora in anonymous mode IIRC. Related?

in general, you only can update appliications if they have been installed by the same store.

Well, I installed two apps from within App Lounge. I get a message to update them, but after clicking the update button nothing happens.

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Pl create issues which you feel are bugs in AppLounge here
That way we can have the developers look at it and close them.

I haven’t heard from the helpdesk yet concerning the registering for Gitlab.

I am sending you a message for details.

Is it possible that nothing happens because app update for those specific apps is not supported?

I have a similar issue but full disclosure I do mod some apps, sideload and use aptoide on occasion. Is there an app that allows you to spoof where you installed it from. Then I can funnel them all through Applounge