Upgrade Mi8 from Pie to Q

Hello everybody,

I am running /e/OS 0.14-p-2021012798470-dev-dipper on my Mi8 and would like to upgrade to /e/OS Q.

As far as I remember, before installing /e/OS Pie on my phone, I first had to install a developer stock ROM.

As I read in the documentation on upgrading /e/ to Q, to upgrade to /e/ Q the Android firmware should be Android 10.

I am unable to find a stock developer ROM with Android 10 for my device.

The only ROM I could find is the stable ROM, for example this one:

Is this the correct ROM to flash first before flashing /e/OS Q on my device?

Thank you in advance for any helpful answer.

Best regards

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Hi @philipp,there are different channels to get Xiaomi Stock Android ROM. I use this source and always flash the Fastboot version.

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Our Communication Leader has just checked my link to the source. Since there were no objections to my recommendation, it is to be considered serious, isn’t it…

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ok, no I don’t have the developer ROM.
just standard one.

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Thanks for your help.
I had a few issues with the fastboot commands on my linux notebook, but now everything went fine and /e/OS Q is on my Mi 8.

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Hi @philipp, can you please post the steps you did for anyone to reproduce. Thank you!

Of course.

  1. I downloaded the last MIUI official Global Android 10 ROM from here:
    Thanks @SuzieQ
  2. I followed the steps as mentioned here:
  3. Then I did the steps mentioned in the upgrade advise from /e/:

The problems I had were caused through outdated platform tools. I could solve this with the steps explained in step 2.

I hope this was helpful.

Best regards

Thank you @philipp !
I under stand part 1 as to download and flash the new firmware for the baseband.
What I don’t get is step 2, what’s flashed there? “Fastboot” isn’t that part of a FW?

Reading through part 3 I sense one will loose all important data, basically doing a full wipe. So far so good, but while I have my personal data saved in my nextcloud instance, is there a way to migrate applications, settings?

Hi @heartshapedbox,

step 1 is to download the ROM.

Step 2 is flashing the ROM.
Fastboot is a tool for flashing ROMs on devices, which are running in fastboot mode.
As I used the flash_all.sh script here, every data was deleted. I wanted to do a clean install, so don’t forget to make a backup first.
It should also be possible to use the other script with keeping your data.

I have no experiences with backup and restore app data, as mentioned above, I did a clean install, including all apps and settings.

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Did you use seedvault to migrate your applications and settings?
Is that already possible with release v14 PIE?

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Get the latest global firmware for dipper from here for Q

Save it to USB key, download dipper E zip to same USB. Reboot onto TWRP, flash firmware, flash E, wipe dalvik/cache reboot.