Upgrade Xiaomi Mi8

Good morning,
I have a MI8, it is still at version 0.14-2021012798470, the verification on the phone says there are no updates,
I checked the download page, and I saw there are two new versions,
0.14-Q-202102199535 and 0.15-Q-20210312105636.
What should I do?

Thank you

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Which OS version are you on and also pl can you tell us if the build on your device is an official build
You can check this by going to

Settings >> System >> About phone

and get the Android version
The build name would have a character like dev or unofficial which will let you know the build type
If you are on the official dev build you should see these OTA updates.

I have always done official updates

SO version

Android Version 9
e_dipper-userdebug 9 PQ3A.
190801.002 eng.root.20210127.090628

Thank you

I have to add that, surely by my mistake when I installed the first time (May 2020) / E / OS I have to delete the line that starts with “Assert” from the Updater-script file.
I have always installed official updates!

Im Using MI8 with /e/OS 0.14-2021012798470.

Will I still receive automatic updates or do I have to take action myself, i.e. with ADB, TWPR … to get to /e/ 0.16?