Upgrading OS on Fairphone 3

My FP3 came with /e/OS with android 9, meaning I haven’t had an OTA upgrade since last year. Besides the fact that this is ridiculous, I wanted to install it myself with this “easy-installer”. Here Try the Easy Installer beta it says that I need to install drivers first. In the guide here Install fastboot drivers there are two methods, both are for windows PCs. I don’t have a windows computer. So is there another way to do this or did I just get swindled into buying a phone that became obsolescent faster than an iPhone?

The latest version of the tool works on Linux , Windows and macOS



The easy installer has a linux version. But in the first link in my post it says that to use the easy installer you need to install drivers. The guide to install the drivers (second link) only has windows methods.

It says “OS specific” drivers.

Because only Windows needs this.

If you bought your phone from the e foundation with /e/OS preinstalled you already have contacted their support … Support - Murena - deGoogled phones and services?

Else … if you happen to have Fairphone Angels (community volunteers trying to help users) with Fairphone 3/3+ and custom ROM expertise in your vicinity, you could ask them whether they would perhaps be able to help in person … 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members) - Local - Fairphone Community Forum.

So I don’t need the drivers at all, thank you, I didn’t get that.