Urgent: COVID-19 tracking app not working - Google Play Services not updated

If you believe in it… Yeah, your input does not matter.


Today the official tracing (not tacking!) App for Germany got a soft release. It does not work on EOS. There should be a workaround, the private enough for me to use it.

TheScrabi, a known android developer (he should be involved in the development of NewPipe, correct me if I’m wrong), is trying do make a FOSS implementation of the German app here, this is the discussion if you wanna follow. He use to write about some update there.

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Just to avoid any confusion : /e/ won’t support or implement the Apple-Goole contact-tracing framework.


The German app already is FOSS (Apache 2.0 License: https://github.com/corona-warn-app/cwa-app-android#licensing).
I think, his SDK is more important in this case, because from what I understood it’s supposed to replace the Google/Apple Exposure Notification API.


The german app relies on PPCP which is not open source. Read about the issue here in the official github.
However, I would like to stress that a FOSS implementation is on the way: https://github.com/theScrabi/CoraLibre-android-sdk
I would also install the app asap if it would work and be FOSS.


So, a FOSS version would work under /e/ if I understand correctly? I too would install it for sure.

Just to make it explicit: I never questioned that. In fact I think you’re proving my point “I think, his SDK is more important in this case, because from what I understood it’s supposed to replace the Google/Apple Exposure Notification API.
Maybe the question is if the official Corona-Warn-App would be extended to use either the Google/Apple API or this new API. That would be really cool, then the user would have a choice.

Well, that was exactly my point…

Would you install the official app if you could select the “backend”?
For me, an app on Github under Apache License plus the CoraLibre-android-sdk is “FOSS enough”.

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Yes sorry, I wrote in a hurry. It’s what I meant when I said “implementation”. He is developing a FOSS PPCP-compatible SDK. So we could use that even without Google Services and still interact with all other apps which use the Google Exposure Notification API.

Okay, I misread your post completely :woozy_face:

Indeed that would be cool! I guess if it the CoraLibre-PPCP version would work reliably, the switch would be a political decision. The German government would probably be glad to be less dependent on Google and appreciate the additional reach, but could be hesitant to “change a running system”. It looks like at least one developer likes the CoraLibre idea and supports it. I think you would not want to user to choose to keep it simple, but decide for one.

I would install it even if there was a way to use Google’s PPCP, but the CoraLibre PPCP would be better. No problem for me regarding privacy.

The German version is pretty good in regards to privacy. There is no reason not to install it. Here is how it works.

Not sure what to say as (a) I do not want the discussion to go into this direction and (b) it is probably not worth arguing with you but the Covid-19 virus exists.


I’m no expert, so i only know what the mainstream medias are telling me about covid19.
Which raises more questions than certitudes, but maybe you know better.

One sure thing, governements are asking for tracking apps and google apple are happy to oblige.
Replace sick / non sick by skin color, religion, political opinion and you get what it’s capable of.
All the data already collected by so many companies are supposed to be anonymised (not talking about covid19).

So yeah it seems pretty reasonable to be very suspicious by default. Unless we are all paranoid here and /e/ makes no sense in the first place.

By the way ‘open source’ is no magical incantation that would make it respectful of privacy, more secure or anything.

Your link about nothing to hide is dead !

Didn’t know if such a link has place here, I’d just gave a way : copy-paste the code in a standard vimeo URL (http://etc.) and then it would be work…

PS : youtu.be /M3mQu9YQesk

Every links of videos, articles, blogs make everybody appropriate and understand by himself what is privacy and what brake his privacy, have is place here !

Thanks for the link that give a point of view.

A link about a video of alternative french media le vent se lève that explain application link between stop-covid and health data hub


Take care of your privacy and to your data !

As Gaël say, Your data is your data ! even health data, Dont let other take care of them in your place, specialy if the hub is managed by GAFAM like Microsoft !
The cloud Act even with Européen RGPD can get your health data…

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In other words, /e/ protect your data, not your health or our society.


Well, more simply, that’s your choice. Tracking or not tracking.

If you trust mainstream “privacy policy” (gg and others), you can use a ROM wich implements covid-gg-ap-api. /e/ won’t, that’s all folks :wink:


/e/ will (try to) protect your data.
/e/ won’t exempt you from using your brain.


As we have found out in the last few comments there is an SDK on the way that could replace the API from G/A for us. I think it’s great /e/ doesn’t just jump on the tracking/tracing bandwagon because reason xyz (be it health, terrorism or whatever else is presented by the govt. as a super pressing need right now) like that and gives independent developers time to create something on their own. My question would be: Can a user install the SDK simply, would he have to flash it or even compile /e/ with it? If it’s just a matter of an installation, /e/ doesn’t have to do anything, because it’s easy and users could decide for themselves to download or not. If it’s more complicated, /e/ may have to make an explicit decision to include or exclude the SDK, since it is /e/'s approach to be friendly to non-techy users too.

Also, may I point out again that you always have the option to carry a second, old Android phone with you just for contact tracing use, so that we can keep /e/ free of tracing/tracking.


And here is why not any EU version will ever work n /e/:

In the comments under this thread you can find how a contact tracing App can even be the cause of more infection: