USB FileTransfer With eOS on Windows?

Hi the e communicty,

I have recently installed eOS on my Samsung Galaxy S7. After some issues with easy installer, I finally get it working. So happy to enjoy Android without Google Account !
Now I am trying to access the phone storage from Windows File Explorer by plug in the phone to my Windows 10 computer with USB wire, as I did before installing eOS.

But the device is not recognized and appears in de Windows device manager as “unknown”.

So my question, shall I need to install a specific driver for eOS on Windows ? Is there a generic driver or one specific for each phone ?

Thanks a lot for your help!

My FP3 is never recognized as USB device, neither on Windows nor on Linux.

But Windows allows file transfer without any driver installations. The Explorer shows the device under My Computer as FP3 (your device has another name). There you will find both file systems, the internal memory and the SD card. If you allowed file transfer on the device copying will immediately be possible. But keep in mind, it’s not a usual USB connection, there’s also no possibility to hang out.

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After plugging your phone, you may have to change it’s USB settings (there should be a notification) to “File transfer” or similar.


Thank you both for you answer.

After plugin my phone, I don’t see any notification in eOS. The only notification I get it on Windows, which tell me that the device is not recognized.

I looked into eOS settings and can’t found any settings regarding USB connection (except USB internet connection sharing).

I have the following version :

  • System version : 0.19-20211023142428
  • Android version : 7.1.2
  • Phone model : SM-G930F

When you use the Search Settings feature and type in USB, you should find a whole list including USB Preferences.

USB Preferences you will find greyed out, until you introduce a USB cable.

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When pluged, Expanding the top bar, you will find it :

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If you want to access your phone from Windows you may be interested to try out KdeConnect . KdeConnect allows you to browse the files on your phone over the wireless connection without using USB. It also does nice things like putting alerts from your phone onto your computer screen, and muting the computer sound when a call comes in, as well as compose SMS messages on your computer.
KdeConnect is now available on Windows desktops, although I have only used it myself on Linux.

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Yes. Another solution is to use an FTP-server on the phone and an FTP-client on a computer. I use this for years (especially for Linux) and you don’t need a cable.

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Thank you all for your answers.

@piero, indeed, I have been able to change the usb mode from charging to file transfer thanks to your screenshot. However, I still get the same error on Windows:

I tried on two different computers with the same result.

I will give a try to KdeConnect. I prefer to avoid FTP to keep my installation as simple as possible.

Could be driver trouble. File transfer in Explorer is done via MTP, and this needs working drivers, here’s a generic repair …

Well… i feel like an idiot but it turns out that it was coming from my USB wire…

Thank you all for your help!