Using SD-Card instead of internal


Why can’t I start topics in the german forums except Howto’s?

I’m using an FP3 and am wondering, how I can use the SD card for saving pictures, tones etc. I haven’t found the soulution yet. Everything is always saved internal. The paths are very strange, too.


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Hi @PPV I have added you to the German language user forum group. Pl can you check if you are able to post now.

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I would answer in the German language user forum but I can’t.

Hi @irrlicht I have added you to the German Language part of the forum pl can you check

Off topic, but as it comes up here …

I was able to find out what to do to post in the German topics myself, but only because of prior knowledge that a Discourse forum has (or can have) groups, and that these groups can have different permissions … so I had a look at and could join the group.
As not every Discourse forum handles different languages in this way, is that group joining procedure mentioned somewhere? It was not obvious to me back then as a new user either.

Could that be added to the FAQ perhaps?
The FAQ are easy to link to when the question arises, and what a great opportunity and broad hint to read them … so presumably it would be best to add the language group part at the very end :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the suggestion @AnotherElk will first check if this moderator approved entry is required for users to join the forum language groups or we can do away with it all together. Users should be free to choose which language forum they want to be part of.
Else will add this part to the documentation.

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Thanks, now it should work to post in the german forums.
According to my problem with the SD-Card, are there any ideas?