Using Signal? You should update it right now!

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Why Signal is so popular among privacy geeks while it requires authorization by phone number even for desktop-only use? Personally, I prefer Wire.

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Good point @e.follower.
I myself prefer Nextcloud Talk for audio/video calls and I am using Matrix for the rest of communication. All instaled on my own server at home.


Until recently I also used Matrix, but the clumsy E2E encryption (requires manual configuration) and trackers in the official application Riot (can be solved with third-party apps), coupled with a flawed performance, made me switch to Wire.

It’s extremely easy to install and use. Even non-tech people get along with it very well and it’s fairly reliable (text, voice, video). Also it works on most of the systems (android, linux, ios, bsd, etc). You have valid points there, but as long as xmpp with omemo, Jami, Matrix, Tox, etc. are not mom&dad ready (and reliable), unfortunately Signal is still one of the best options (not sure how Wire works without Google Play Services).

I’ve heard of Wire but I couldn’t find information on how to install it as a home server.

I use the Matrix/Riot solution because my family and friends use only WhatsApp. With the Mautrix bridge I can talk to their WhatsApp without it installed on my phone.

But for audio/video calls with my wife and kids I use Nextcloud Talk wich is way better than WhatsApp and Riot. And it runs on my home server.

And what did you mean with “trackers in the official application Riot (can be solved with third-party apps)” ?

How can I get it done?

It’s unlikely, because Wire has a centralized architecture. Some people think it’s a drawback, but for me it’s clearly an advantage, because I can send a message to someone who offline, then go offline myself, and in spite of that, my message will be delivered.

This is possible thanks to the Exodus Privacy project and ClassyShark3xodus app based on it. Search this forum for more information.

Well, I want to run my own stuff so it looks like Wire won’t be an option.
Thanks for ClassyShark3xodus tip; I’ll look into it.

Exodus is also built into Aurora Store and there is an useful extension for your desktop browser.

:grinning: thanks @e.follower

There was a disturbing story with Wire. A security researcher discovered last year that the US analytic company Mixpanel is built in in Wire, sending usage data back to the app. Here are the details:

According to that site Wire makes a contact to already at first start and sends all kinds of data like android version, phone manufacturer and model, screen dpi, etc. It’s interesting because also the site is saying that there are no app trackers in Wire. This looks to be a bit misleading. I would not want an app, which pretends to be “clean”, while sending all kinds of data to an US server.

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That’s what I want to avoid. Riot does that too.
My goal is to use these kind of apps but prevent them to track me even if they tried.
To achieve that I’m studying Android. Maybe in the near future I migh be able help the community.


Didn’t know that, thanks for the info. Now it is worth asking if we can really stop this by switching off the “Usage and Crash Reports” option from the settings.