Using the Earphone of FP3+ with /e/ os

Hi folks,

I had my first phone call on my my brandnew FP3 with /e/ OS. The problem is, that the phone is using the speaker, so everybody around can hear what the other part is saying. Is there any way, using the eraphone for phoning? If I press the “speaker” button (I hope it is the right translation, in german it is “Lautsprecher”) during call nothing changes. I still hear everything on the speaker. Can anybody tell me, how I use my phone as a phone?



This was a known bug: Should have been fixed already though. Are you up-to-date? Setting -> System -> Advanced -> Updater.

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Thank you! I thought I will be informed if there are updates. Installed, now it is ok. Just I have the next bug. My phone is ringing, but I do not see the call, and therefor can not pick up. I check in the git, if this bug is allready known.