V0.13 Stable builds released

The stable build for all devices purchased from the eShop are being released.
The version will be 0.13 and is for Oreo, Pie and Q builds.
This release will not include nougat builds as there is a bug which the team is fixing.
The v0.13 dev builds were released last week.

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Congratulation to all the dev team an big thx for all the job done :clap: :+1:


OK. Update done.
seems to be OK except the citymapper app which was needed to be reinstalled and are still asking for an update of microG !
Good job !

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Great update that made microg Cloudmessaging working for me. But is there a reason why the system-update section disappeared? Will I receive messages for future updates? How can I search for new updates?

Is the System Update icon not showing up on the main screen In Settings


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“The system updater should be easy to find”, so it was moved.

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Thank you! I didn’t see the icon as i was looking for it in the “system” section. When I was searching for system update didn’t find anything as the Translation is now “Systemaktualisierer”! So everything fine in the end! :slight_smile:

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I’m on the stable channel and I’ve updated to 0.13 the other day, before you remove it from the server. /e/OS 0.13-2020120989398.

Should I update it now to this one?

The availability of eSpeak (TTS) made my day. Well done!

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If there is a newer version showing up in the updater you can update.

Update : perhaps a pbm with bank app : LaBanquePostale. Certification is not recognized.
updating the update : uninstall & reinstall the app (from Aurora) and all seems OK.

OneDrive app doesn’t work anymore. It shuts down every few seconds, even after reinstall.


Yes, this is something I noticed also. Would be great to get it running again, I (and not only me) need it for my work. Thank you!
EDIT: I opened an issue on github for microG here

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Thanks a lot for the release.

The Mail app does notify again, good so. But it doesn’t use the configured account dependent ringing sounds, there’s always the standard sound used for every new message.

Where do you have the release notes with the improvements & changes for these updates?


Could a link to the change log for update be provided as a norm, perhaps in the future?

Where do you want it provided?

Normally a link to the changelog is provided in the updater on the phone (in the three-dot-menu), but that link is defunct currently, to be repaired.

Furthermore it is provided on the OS image download sites (example for FP3 - “Release notes available here.”)

Well if there is a way to see this that is reliable, then I guess, no additional thing needs to be done. But if those places are problematic, it would be beneficial to have a link to the change log provided in the original thread starter for quick reference. I, for example, saw that there was an update available but wanted to see the release notes to ensure that I could upgrade without breaking my configuration. I can of course dig, but it would be nice if finding these notes were convenient.

The link to the change log should be visible under
settings > System Updates > three dots menu >>show changelog as @AnotherElk mentions. There was an issue with the link which was fixed sometime back. If it is still broken then it is a regression. Pl raise a bug in gitlab …had discussed this issue with the developer at the start of this week. A bug will help track it to closure.