Vendor mi mix 2s

Какой вендор использовать для установки ?

Which vendor should I use for installation ?

You have to flash a complete rom, NOT only a vendor image.

I know, but what kind of vendor you need to /e/ ?

sorry I don’t know what you are meaning ? Is it a transltion error ? Do ypu mean version ??

I mean that. where to get it ? what version ?

Never unzip the file. push it complete as zip-file to your device and flash it via twrp


I really don’t know what are you trying to do

and by the way, the LOS16 is PIE and eOS is OREO. If you have had LOS16 or any other PIE on your device, you will get in trouble with downngrading to OREO. The best way for downgrading is via stock rom

If you’re truing to build /e/ by yourself, you can use

You can use a “muppets.xml” in local_manifests directory, as following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <remote name="muppets" fetch="" />
  <project name="The-Muppets/proprietary_vendor_xiaomi" path="vendor/xiaomi" remote="muppets" />