Very nice place for finding google alternatives

Nice list about apps and OSs. In the OS secion eOS is named

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Interesting, but /e/ and Telegram are not recommended.

What difference of opinion does the article writer mean?

Note: Removed /e/ due to controversies. Look through the GitHub Issues to see for yourself.

Mike Kuketz: “The Messenger is not recommended.

But - if you want to talk to software developer & maintainers, you rarely have any other choice than the telegramm messenger.

/e/ was removed because of that same guy again who made slander page against /e/. github issue is found here:

Yes, it’s really sad how people use their energies to slander creativity, instead of creating what they think is good themselves. I remain impressed at how far /e/ has come in so short a time, and I continue to believe in the bright future of /e/ as a tremendously viable alternative of Andr0id!!!
Thanks @harvey186 for sharing this link.
Hope to see /e/ return to the list after several issues are sorted out!

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Interesting to see how much time effort these ehaters put into slandering /e/ and /e/ team members on social media and other websites including this forum. Ideally they should spend the time coming up with a new and safer OS - something that users can actually use. Maybe is easy being an arm-chair critic rather than doing something positive like creating a new OS.


My thoughts exactly!

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i think, managing this list of suggested software is just another way to archive exactly the same goal as /e/ . it’s in fact also very practical work and unselfishly spend time on efforts, which may help others!

i’m really disappointed about this recently increasing tendencies in the /e/ community to banish [self] critics and any rational discourse about the real goals and actual flaws of /e/! :frowning:

this may be sufficient for a religious sect, but it isn’t the most inviting base to establish a community of self thinking people, which are interested and aware of the full complexity and partially controversial nature of all this privacy related topics.

@mash, IIUC, this was not criticism of tycrek/degoogle excellent work (just as you said), but of the guy behind 's slandering … which is really … armchair critism :slight_smile: and quite suspect in my opinion (wow, so much energy for what ?)


What about their claim that /e/ uses Google DNS servers as a fallback? Does this still apply to the current builds or is this a thing of the past?

Not sure I’m not an /e/ dev, check the gitlab as I’m sure its either still open issue or now resolved.

You can check the progress on the fixes here

Thanks @jpmeuret - indeed my response was not about tycrek’s github post which I think is a good list.

On the question about the ‘right thinking’ folks whose right thinking involves criticizing /e/. …I find it a bit weird.
If I have a problem with google - which I do - I would not waste my time engaging in long winded ‘intellectual conversations’ with Sundar Picha or go on their forum and rant. For the simple reason that neither am I going to convince him nor will he be able to convert me !
If I was a non developer I would rather look for a better option which suits my purpose and move on with my life.
If I have any experience of software development, I would build something better, something which suits my needs and use it.
To carry a long term sustained, smear campaign against any organization or person points at intentions which are not exactly all that sincere.
All said and done, I sincerely appreciate the users on the forum who volunteer with the support, testing and documentation efforts. It is folks like these who are the true foundation of any organization. People who help in every way possible to build /e/ into a better and safer OS for all users.
I would call them the right minded folks and the backbone of /e/.


I just checked gitlab and it seems that the default use of Google DNS servers has been resolved in a previous issue.

However, what I don’t understand is why Google DNS is still set as default in the v1-pie branch:

Am I misunderstanding this whole thing or is this a possible flaw?

Telling the truth is an absolute defense against defamation claims (i.e. libel or slander).

It’s a joke comparing efoundation with Google or Apple, but if you were Gael Duval, you would write an open letter to Tim Cook (October 2018) as a PR stunt.

When you do wrongs to people, as efoundation has, there are people who do not forgive, and do not forget. You should expect them.

Any link to the kind of “wrong” that was done by e-fundation (sorry, I have not been there from the beginning :slight_smile: ?

The webadress is

Remember that even if it is true, the creators of the site neglect to notice the awesome things /e/ is doing. Also remember that what’s listed could be very twisted, distorted from reality…

Thanks Exyna. So I just had a closer look to this stuff, and … AFAIU, apart from personal taste, hate and non other non-arguable opinions (just like colors), the only possibly arguable charges here would be :

  • Wikipedia sock-puppetry for auto-promotion,
  • Lineage OS sources copyright header changes.

(I’m not judging anything, just trying to make charges clear)