Watch out your vac cleaner!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


iRobot CEO was talking about monetizing the indoor mapping data its new products were collecting in 2017. At the time Amazon was just one possible data buyer mentioned.


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Seriously, anyone who brings a hoover robot into their house (nonsense for a decadent society on the brink of collapse) is beyond help anyway.


Folks, please don’t connect your smarthome devices to any clouds. Instead, use things that work with something like Home Assistant and don’t even give your devices internet access.

For those with certain Xiaomi vacuum robot models, there is also the Dustcloud project that offers an alternative privacy-friendly firmware. I have no personal experience with it though.

@Skidrow: The same argument could theoretically be made for a washing machine or a bathtub.

Do you know what data your car is sharing with whom?
Do you have an internet connected refrigerator?
Are you seeing a physician who is connected to Doctolib?

It’s hard to avoid data leaks these days…

I must answer to the three questions:
not yet.

But it’s increasingly difficult.

I don’t see it that way. The effort ratio for a washing machine is much higher than for a robot hoover.

@mungo: That’s why we are all here :relaxed:

@Skidrow Always depends on a variety of parameters. A family with hairy pets and children, or someone living in Beijing trying to fight the black dust from outside out might disagree with your assessment.

You don’t know yet, what data is your car sharing with whom?
Me neither.
It is an 12 year old Hyundai and has a SIM-card somewhere. This I know because I could update the navigation system without any other internet connection. So, movement patterns and maybe behaviour patterns as well are aired - it has EPS, so there is a lot of calculation power available.
The transmission of this data is no big deal.
I didn’t sign any contract as the initial buyer but I’m sure it delivers.

I am using the USB-port with a USB-condome only. That makes sure it doesn’t read out my phone.

Growing up in times when the fuel was leaded I find it strange my car cheating on me…

My car is an old one, without so much electronic, and I keep it safe and sound. As for navigation, I prefer to stop and ask people about.


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