Web Browsers and Privacy

Web browsers (desktop/mobile) and their privacy ambitions under test.

Knowing nothing about the list of the items, but just looking on the numbers of green tick off signs … it seems that Brave would be the best choice for mobile and desktop … is the website reliable, therefore, is it a good suggestion using Brave?

Thank you in advance for your comments

The Kuketz page linked above is a year old and has been linked here several times (for instance by me). It is part of a bigger investigation of nearly all common desktop browsers which shows that Brave (Desktop) is not as safe as many people think.


I have posted the links here for your reference. Among others, the Kuketz blog sets standards for me in the area of IT security and privacy. I’ve been following the blog for a while and thought it would be a good place to start for some people with questions about internet browsers. Everyone can decide for themselves which browser they prefer.
The blog also covers other topics related to data security and privacy that some eOS users might be interested in.


ah ok, I might have missed or forgotten that … apologies

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