Web filter and app restrictions for kids phone


time moves forward, now the challenge of giving a phone to my youngsters also reached me. Thinking about options, it would be nice to avoid giving out a vanilla smartphone and instead stick to the same privacy ideas that brought me here, ideally giving them e.OS as well.

While I am not quite sure yet how to approach that in general, I am leaning more towards locking the phones for starting out and let them get accustomed with using it and concepts first. The two key things I would like to do is web filtering for keeping the dark side of the internet out, and app restrictions, not allowing apps installs.

Would you have a recommendation to get a somewhat decent web content filtering on an e.OS phone? Ideally it would work while on mobile data as well (while off any wlans), and be local-only, not involve a vendor cloud.

Secondly, is it possible to restrict app installs on e.OS somehow, ideally in a lightweight fashion again?

Looking foward for suggestions and thanks for the help.

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That seems interesting.