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Hi Guys,

i see a little updated on the Side with the Easy Installer. Now the Gs290 is supported. But the Text is wrong:

"The easy-installer beta version supports 6 devices

Gigaset GS290
Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+
Samsung Galaxy S9 – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S7 – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Exynos only
Samsung Galaxy S8 – Exynos only


These are 7 Devices been supported, not 6.



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How in the world do you know what’s exynos BEFORE you buy a galaxy s9 plus phone? I live in the US so I’m guessing they’re all snapdragon here?

hi @tommykarate, welcome to “/e/Land”,

Supported Models:
- SM-G965F
- SM-G965F/DS
- SM-G965N
Other models are not supported

You can find this information in the /e/ documentation page about the specified device

Ok thanks. Not sure why this isn’t listed instead of the code name star2lte… or at least along with it. Especially whenever it’s saying only exynos versions.