Week 22, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

The 1.0 update is not available yet for Pie (see the original post, third paragraph “Update 31 May”.

As to upgrading to Q or R, for the time being this can only be done manually, i.e. basically a re-install from scratch. Upgrading OTA (i.e. through the updater) with keeping data and settings and the like is still only in testing, that horizon frankly hasn’t gotten any nearer recently.

So you might want to stay on Pie for the time being.


I have a quick question: Lineage with MicroG version 19.1 (Android 12) was released for my Oneplus 5 a few days ago.
Does this mean that there will also be a /e/ OS version with Android 12? Thanks for the answer!

Porting of Android 12 to /e/OS is yet to start. As I mentioned in one of these threads, the team is optimistic that porting Android S / 12 should not take much time :crossed_fingers: . Once we start the process of porting 12 the info will be shared on the forum.


I have a OnePlus 7T and the fingerprint reader is not working like it should. I have to scan my fingerprint several times and other times only my PIN unlocks my phone.

The issue with the fingerprint scanner has been reported on the 8T as well, Have shared details with the team. Pl add your comments to the issue on Gitlab.


Question about the Fairphone 3(+): since it had an official update to Andriod 11 a few weeks ago, will there be an R (stable) channel next to the R (dev) channel? Or is it not possible to have 2 (stable) channels (Q/R) per device?

Thanks for this update… but wouldn’t it deserve a proper “1.0 release” title, instead of just “development update”… it’s a release, don’t be shy ! :wink:

someone knows when we can expect v1.0 for Pie? so curious…

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Updated my FP3+ to v1.0 yesterday - good: Privacy settings.
Not so good: Camera (“Error opening camera”) and Orbot (no connection) refuse to work at all.

Updated in the initial thread. Not very good news.

So, the S7 OTA update is postponed? Good things need time.

well with a S8 it seems that I can have some hope :slight_smile:

No. It (s7/ s7 edge OTA upgrade) should happen this week. Expect it to go out tomorrow.

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I hope the 1st June update “S8 will be updated” won’t turn into a 2nd June “they won’t”… :grin:
Do you have a timeline for this update to come ? I can’t wait… :blush:

I’m not sure – does the question refer to the v1.0 update or an Android Q → R upgrade? I’m a bit concerned you meant the latter and @Manoj the former …

Sorry my mistake corrected in the initial post.

s7 / s7+ OS OTA upgrade to be released tomorrow

s8 / s 8 + OS OTA upgrades to be planned. No ETA

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Ok… Looks like the update of the update didn’t wait till June 2nd… :relieved:

Quick question for an S7 user here: I have an unofficial /e/OS 0.18-p ROM installed. Will I still be able to upgrade to v1.0 once it is ready or do I need to install it manually then?

Hi @Manoj,

Do you have any ETA for the FP3/FP3+ OTA upgrade from Q to R stable build ?

Will you first continue to prioritise the Samsung sold at Murena before going to the Fairphone ?

Thanks for your research!

This does not seem to be a general problem, I’m with a FP3+ on v1 now and it [edit: the camera] is still working. Did you try rebooting once more? Otherwise just add a report at gitlab …