Welsh keyboard support

I’m trying to work out why the AOSP keyboard in /e/ doesn’t seem to support Welsh. I’ve found a couple of places online where the AOSP keyboard application is described and it seems to have had support for Welsh input at least since version 8, but the version 9 in my (fully updated) /e/ on FP3 doesn’t have Welsh (or Cymraeg) included in the long list of supported input languages. I can install it as a system language, but even then the keyboard doesn’t seem to support it.

Can anyone advise? Do I have to install another keyboard app? That would be quite annoying!


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Su’mai @richplane, a brief search on Welsh keyboards gave me one solution which seems to work. You have to download the Swiftkey keyboard from Microsoft which is available either from the /e/ app store or Aurora.

You have to activate it and then use its settings for languages where you’ll find Welsh is listed. I tried it briefly with my limited memory of my homeland lingo and it picked up my poor spelling with its corrector.

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Thanks, Grendel - yes, there are dozens of other keyboard apps I could install, thanks for the recommendation. I was just wondering why the native AOSP keyboard doesn’t seem to support Welsh on /e/ when it does elsewhere, and if there was any way to add it.

As fa as I know, /e/ keyboard is forked from LineageOS’s, which also doesn’t seem to include Welsh …