What are the best applications (or what you find the best)? List here what you use or recommend!

Yes, 6 trackers. I know. I can accept that as long as I run Blokada. Did not find any other smooth working alternative so far.

Hello, does anyone know a good open-source app to make photo collages (= to group 2 photos or more into 1 photo)? I couldn’t find any open-source or one without too many trackers. Thanks

File Manager: Ghost Commander & default
Gallery app: Simple gallery
Music player: Odyssey
Video player: VLC & Kodi (Nice layout and design.)
Browser: InBrowser (wTor) & default (Bromite custom) & Vivaldi (I like what they are attempting to do. :sunglasses:)
Mail app: ctemplar & protonmail & default
App Store: F-Droid & aurora & default
Weather app: default
Calendar app: default
Keyboard: anysoftkeyboard
Photo Editor: Pocket Paint (F-Droid)
Note app: Secuso note app & Notepad (F-droid)
Something else: Lawnchair V2 (w/icon packs to change look) & Taskbar & netguard & VPN
Messaging: default, telegram, signal
Video chat: Jitsi & zoom (Yeah, I know. :nauseated_face: Just until this virus is killed. :angry: :poop:)
Podcast: AntennaPod
Radio music/news/talk: RadioDroid
Mastadon: Tusky


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I hope they make the stable version of Vivaldi - the one that came out a few days ago - available on the e store soon. I also like what they are doing.


Can you make photo collages with it?

This is the hardest choice for us all I have the impression. Haven’t made my choice between Telegram and Wire yet. I’m worried about allowing them to access my contacts. Open contacts @kalman why not. Like @marcdw, I wait and see. like Telegram on Desktop pc but when I launched it on my phone it requested my phone number and haven’t made the step yet.

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Updated List for Apr-2020:
ClassyShark from F-droid is still essential for testing apps for trackers!
File Manager: MiXplorer (XDA/Telegram Channel) (not oss, but no trackers and has needed webdav integration, have ‘check for updates’ disabled)
Gallery app: Stock ASOP
Music player: Simple Music Player (F-droid)
Video player: Use the ASOP Stock Gallery
Browser: Bromite for general browsing, Hardened config Fennec F-droid for opening links, Vanadium (GrapheneOS Stock browser) with javascript disabled used only for banking PWA’s. & TOR browser.
Mail app: FairEmail (With the bugsnag analytics disabled), Tutanota App, Protonmail App & CTemplar Apps.
App Store: F-droid & Aurora v3.2.8. Raccoon on desktop for backup
Weather app: Forcastie (F-droid) *Don’t have the weather widget as not personally on /e/.
Calendar app: Stock ASOP
Keyboard: Stock ASOP (GrapheneOS)
Photo Editor: None at the moment (Just using gimp & krita on desktop)
Note app: Joplin (App & Desktop)
Maps: Mostly Magic Earth & also have Osmand~ at times I will also use AcastusPhoton for an advanced address search. Been also using StreetComplete (F-droid) to help build Osmand~ database.
Podcasts: AntennaPod
eBook reader: *Still searching for FOSS one to sync with webdav calibre library…
SMS: Signal (APK version direct from Signal website)
Messaging/chat: Telegram FOSS, Signal, Session & Jitsi meet for video chats.
Youtube replacement: Newpipe. (Freetubeapp.io for desktop)
Mastodon: Tusky (F-droid)
VPN: Mullvad, Native App from their website
Network blocking: NetGuard
Football Scores: Using older version of AiScore as it has no trackers - But they have since updated the app and filled it with all the worst trackers, so I will stay on old version till it stops working then delete.
Banking apps: I’ve switched to using inside web browser PWA’s now due to apps now including google trackers. Still contemplating to switch banks soon…
List is always still evolving, but will never include any apps with google/facebook/amazon trackers.


Hello. As far as Vivaldi, the aurora app store should be current. Pocket Paint, no collages yet. Yes the messaging apps, most have their plus and minus. If you are interested, Session looks promising, no F-Droid version yet. Two others worth a look are Briar and Silence, both on F-Droid. :sunglasses:

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Webmail, or when using Linux configure your client yourself using a MUA: http://www.mutt.org/
If still using Windows for professional or study reasons (I have one Win10 laptop too) use only webmail and have your browser set to never remember passwords and logins.