What are the best applications (or what you find the best)? List here what you use or recommend!

Where to find this Open Contacts as apk

It’s available via F-Droid ( OpenContacts - Hide contacts away from apps stealing your contacts information ) but also via the /e/ Apps store.

I have been trying many apps, here are some I like,

Trackers - TrackerControl
App Store - Aurora & F-Droid
Email - FairEmail
Office - Collabora
Battery - BatteryBot Pro
Network scanner - NetX
Audio/video player - VLC
Youtube - NewPipe
Notes - iNote
Lockscreen - AOD Xpath
Button allocator - KeyMapper (App Mute linked to it)
Privacy - Vigilante
Download file - Save To
Remove photo data - Scramble
Podcast - AntennaPod
Notes - iNote
File manager - File Manager Android 2021 (was ES File Explorer, has a chequered history, but with network connections disabled, all seems fine).

I hope it helps someone.

APPS: App Manager (f-Droid)(Root) (Easy disable/Uninstall apps incl. default apps)
Battery: Battery Charge Limit (F-Droid)(Root) (extend battery life)
Note App: Carnet (F-Droid)
QRcode: QR-Barcode Scanner (F-Droid)
File Manager: Material Files (F-Droid)

Bahn: DB Navigator (Aurora) (Must have if you want to buy a ticket last minute)
Local: Öffi (F-Droid)

Gallery: Simple Gallery (F-Droid)
Camera: Open Camera (F-Droid)
Music: PoweAmp (Direct von Dev)

Messenger: Signal (Aurora)
Video Messenger: Jitsi Meet (F-Droid)
Mail: K-9 Mail (F-Droid)
VoIP: Linphone (F-Droid)

CalDav/CardDav: DAVx5 (F-Droid)
Calendar: aCalendar+ (Aurora)
Tasks: ToDo List (F-Droid)
Backup: SMSBackup+ (F-Droid) (SMS send as E-Mail)
Sync Tool: Syncthing (F-Droid)(Syn with PC and NAS)

Manager: Subz (F-Droid) (Manage expenses and keep an eye on finances)

Radio: Transistor (F-Droid)
Reddit: Infinity (F-Droid)
Youtube: New Pipe (F-Droid)
Mastodon: Fedilab Lite (F-Droid)
Brwoser: Fennec (F-Droid) (With AddOns)
Twitter: Fritter (F-Droid) (Without Twitter account :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Call blocker: Yet Another Callblocker (F-Droid)
Tracker block: Warden (F-Droid)(Root)
Malware: Hypatia (F-Droid) (Paranoia :grinning: )
Redirect: Untrackme Lite (F-Droid)(set post deleted by default to open Twitter, YouTube and Instagram links will transform them into Nitter, Invidious and Bibliogram links. Usefull if get a Twitter/Youtube/Instagram link via messengerauthor)

Root: Magisk (GitHub) (Need for some must have apps)
Router: MyFritz App (Aurora)
VPN: VPNcilla+ (Aurora) (Special need for FritzBox Router)
Automation: Tasker (Direct from Dev.) (Root) (e.g: Wi-Fi On/Off, Display Rotate, AOD, Notification/Ring mute base of calender event…)


I use the standard apps contacts, calendar, mail, browser, gallery, photo app, magic earth. In addition I recommend these apps (all of them available in F-Droid):
File Manager: Ghost Commander (“Dual panel file manager, like Norton Commander, Midnight Commander or Total Commander”)
Ad Blocker: Blokada
Untrack: Untrackme (transforms Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google Maps links into Nitter, Invidious, Bibliogram OpenStreetMap links", detects shortened URLs and will display the full URL before visiting the site)
Keyboard: Open Board
Launcher/ Startapp: ZIM-Launcher
Browser: Fennec (Firefox-Fork) with Addons: UblockOrigin, …
SMS: Silence: (Encrypted SMS/MMS)
XMPP-Client: Conversations
Tools/ Diverse: Simple Mobile Tools (“apps which are offline, non-intrusive and have no ads,”): https://www.simplemobiletools.com/
You-Tube Frontend: New Pipe
Mastodon-Client: Tusky
Mediaplayer: vlc
Weather: Foss-Wetter (Data from DWD, Germany)
Public Transport: Transportr
TV-Streaming: Zapp (German Public Television)
pdf-Converter: split & merge pdfs, convert & merge jpg in pdf
QR-Code-Scan: SecScanQR
Scan documents: Dokus (scanning and organizing documents – including tags, export in PDF and sharing with others. It works completely offline (does not even request networking permissions)) (needs additional repo in F-Droid: IzzyOnDroid Android App Repo - IzzyOnDroid)
Corona Warn-App/ CovPass:: Corona Contact Tracing Germany (CCTG)/ CovPass


+1 for KDE Connect it’s a very good app which can sync your phone with your PC on windows, linux and apparently also on Mac.
Then you can manage your phone from your PC.


I try to not use my phone much, but here are the main things I use, which haven’t been mentioned before. They’re all available via F-Droid or APK on their websites:

Browser: Mull (Firefox without trackers)
Weather app: OpenWeather
Notes app: Standard Notes
System-wide Ad-Blocker: AdGuard
Keyboard: OpenBoard