What is the default setting of "OEM unlocking" in Developer options?

I wanted to enable USB debugging on my Fairphone 3+ Therefore I went to the developer options (for the first time! I had got my phone with pre-installed /e/OS by the seller). I think having seen “OEM unlocking” disabled, but then after scrolling a bit I suddenly found the OEM unlocking toggle enabled. Now I’m not sure whether it was enabled from the very beginning or if I might have activated it unintentionally when scrolling.
For now, I’ve disabled it for safety reasons. But I’m not sure if that may cause problems… Does anybody know what it should be by default? Thanks for your precious help to someone who is not an IT expert! :smiley:

Oh, btw: I couldn’t find the toggle to enable “USB debugging”. Does anybody know how to do this on FP3+? (there are only toggles listed like Android debugging (ADB interface), ADB over network, select debug app a.s.o.) → :thinking:

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“USB debugging” and “Android debugging” are synonyms.

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Oh, I didn’t know that :see_no_evil: THANK YOU!

Do you maybe also know the answer to my primary/main question? That’d be great :tada:

It should be disabled by default, since bootloader unlocking guides include a step to enable it … Example, Example.

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By default this option is disabled and will not harm your device.