What is the plan for devices not supported beyond Nougat by LineageOS?

There are a couple of issues raised about this

I understand that /e/ cannot support devices which are no longer supported by LineageOS but, at the moment it is (sometimes) possible to build unofficial Nougat ROMs for these devices.
Can anyone tell me whether it will continue to be possible to build unofficial Nougat ROMs going forward or whether users of these devices will be stuck with the latest ROM - official or unofficial - released before support is ended?

Hi @petefoth, Nougat device source code would show up in the Gitlab for /e/ and LOS github but the patches and bug fixes will be impacted as the focus would be on the active OS’s. A user who wants to and can manually build the ROM with the code should be able to do so.

That’s great. Thanks very much @Manoj