What next for /e/?



Back in 2000 mobile phones were rare in India. Today almost two decades later almost every one has a phone in his\her hand. Remember pagers? It took me about five minutes to explain what it was and how it worked to my son. That is the speed with which technology advances. In a world with only Google and Apple, now we have /e/ - still taking baby steps but definitely steps in the right direction. Today we have beta version of /e/ on a handful of smartphones. By the end of the year and mid 2019, I believe it should have a better coverage , especially once it integrates the oreo and pie sources. After that as the road map on the site shows the plans are for a laptop OS. All depends on the funding and the team off course.
Imagine having a single OS which can be used across your PC, smart (phone, TV, watch ) and other devices! An integrated world of technology where the individual decides what and how much about himself he wants to share with the world. The future is a nice place to be, because there are no limits to your imagination…no boundaries. Seen the Iron man movies where Stark has a virtual screen where he interacts with objects in 3D, through voice commands… that may be where it all leads to. All that will start with an integrated OS. A base which controls devices and systems but always under the control of the end user - YOU. See the future is a nice place to visit. I hope to see /e/ start with smartphones and then build on that base…


Hi! here is what’s next: https://e.foundation/leaving-apple-google-e-first-beta-1000-test-accounts-new-community-forums-new-reward/ :grinning: