What Ports are used for verification Update /e/OS

I noticed that when I’m at home with an Orange box, the system update check never works. It goes around in circles and nothing without error. I have no problem from my work WiFi. I suspected the firewall of the box, I disabled it, but without result. Do you know what ports are used and / or is there any other user of Orange box that meets this type of problem.
I would add that in 4G it works fine too.

For information, this topic was created in duplicate on the French forum.
See here: Quels Ports utilisés pour vérification MàJ /e/OS


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Same pb for me on home wifi through a Livebox 5 Orange box, default setup (except for: Wifi Off at night).
Like you, clodiousse, it works fine on the 4G network, from home too.
And last time (1.2 → 1.3), after getting the notification (didn’t noticed on what network I was), I could download the update package through the Wifi without any issue.

(/e/OS 1.3-20220825… Q, S9+, star2lte, dev)

Duplicate of Quels Ports utilisés pour vérification MàJ /e/OS ? :thinking:

Yes, duplicate, you’re right …
But I can’t reply on this thread (why ?).
So I go on here …

2 low-networking-skills questions : Change IP address of box =>

  • do you mean : have it regenerated earlier than it will be automatically (DHCP stuff ?),
  • why should this fix the pb ?

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It was about your public IP address, you may be able to change it using the Orange web site.
You current address may be somehow blacklisted, it worth a try.

Thanks a lot smu44 : just joined the french forum with success.

About IP renewing … done :slight_smile:

But not better.